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    Pak vs NZ: Kiwis name squad for Pakistan tour

    Pakistan really needs to clean sweep such second class squads and move up in the ranks to force other boards to send their first choice squads.
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    اب یہاں بھی گاڑیاں گن لو

    BC ye kaun sa acha kaam kr raha ha, why the hell would someone defend it.
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    نورکے قتل سے چار گھنٹے قبل والدین کو کال پر بتا دیا گیا تھا ،پولیس تفتیش

    Behis aur kameeny walidain, lanat in ki shaklon per, they are equally responsible for the murder. They should atleast get 10-15 years in jail.
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    Imran Khan's 3 year performance is better than all previous governments

    Abay chutiyea you may already know just counting gdp is not enough, gdp is calculated from several factors and your Patwari gdp rate was not sustainable, your f**king exports were continuously declining, by holding unrealistic dollar price by WASTING 6billion dollars. You gdp rose to 5% because...
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    میں بھی انصاف چاہتا ہوں - قاتل کا باپ

    Bhai issi liye ghaflat ka lafz bhi istimal kia ha, mein ny kai namazi naik walidain bhi daikhy hein magar wo aulad ki tabiyat krna, unhain naik banana aur un pr nazar rkhna apna farz nahi samajhty. Aulad ko bada krna iss dunya ka sab sy challanging kaam ha.
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    میں بھی انصاف چاہتا ہوں - قاتل کا باپ

    Yaqeen karain maan baap ki ghaflat or gandi tarbiyat k baghair koi insaan itna bada jaanwar nahi bunn sakta. Aur, Qatal krna << tashaddud kr k qatal krna <<< qatal k baad laash ko kaat kr thikany lagana <<<<< Khanjar aur clip sy tashaddud krna phir aik zinda insaan ko zibah krna , ye sirf aik...
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    Nawaz Shareef , still the most powerful leader of Pakistan.

    Q bhai most powerful kaisay? Pichwaray mein jet engine fit karaya hua ha 😂😂
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    سترہ یتیم بچوں کا کفیل ایک بوڑھا دادا۔۔ پلیز ہیلپ کرے۔

    Its called "Money pool" in paypal. Its easy to create from your paypal home. Just google it.
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    سترہ یتیم بچوں کا کفیل ایک بوڑھا دادا۔۔ پلیز ہیلپ کرے۔

    Could you create a fundraiser with paypal and post the link please?
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    سترہ یتیم بچوں کا کفیل ایک بوڑھا دادا۔۔ پلیز ہیلپ کرے۔

    Hey bro, would that be possible for you to make a small video as evidence when you deliver help to this person? I can surely contribute.
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    Quetta Gladiator's Azam Khan loses 30 kg to get selected in the team

    I am also sick or parchis but I think he is currently one of the cleanest strikers in Pakistan with the confidence to be an international star, much better than Asif Ali. Khushdil has the other guy with potential but he has confidence issues. I was only concerned about Azam's fitness but losing...
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    وزیر اعظم کو کال کرنے والی عائشہ مظہر کون؟رؤف کلاسرا سے گفتگو

    Umar Sheikh was bashed by everyone on his insensitive statement but I always felt he was a genuine guy who made a mistake. This girl's statement should be shared as much as possible to show the other side of the coin to the public.
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    وزیر اعظم عید والے دن بھی بس شہباز شریف،شہباز شریف کرتے ہیں:مریم اورنگزیب

    Lol iss ko takleef iss baat ke ha k Khan sahab in choron ko Eid bhi sakoon sy nahi guzarny daity...MEIN INN KO RULAOUN GA :-D :-D :-D