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    A lesson from Russian Oligarchs

    I've thought the same and tried few times but unfortunately unless I live in Pakistan it is near impossible even to take first step. In sha Allah, Im giving myself few years before trying again, there is so much potential but at the same time there is no safety or protection
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    حجاب ایک مسلمان لڑکی کی شناخت کا حصہ ہے:بھارتی طالبہ مسکان خان کا انٹرویو

    What a brave soul only duas for her - would be interesting to know if the current Saudi Arabian rulers have come across this and what's their reaction as they consider themselves to be 'Leader' of Islamic nations.
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    کیا ریاست مدینہ میں یہودیوں کو ایک ایک کرکے مارا گیا ؟

    JzkAllah Jani Bhai - very informative - keep posting :) I knew it'll be a good read so I took time out to read it :)
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    اللہ کے رسول ﷺ کی پانچ نصیحتیں

    JzkAllah Amal made my day :)
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    Copying Welfare State Of Madinah

    MashAllah Ehsaas is a great initative and only IK could have brought these kind of programmes for common people. One thing we need to be mindful of is that people don't build up reliance on this so we should provide enough opportunities for them to take up training and jobs unless it's not...
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    But to all honesty, Muslims in India do need to awake up, look at Sikhs, they are less in numbers but did ensure Modi listens to them. Indian Muslims are oppressed and scared of Hindus, they need to stand up for their rights, no one else will!
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    تبدیلی یہ نہیں تو تبدیلی کس چڑیا کا نام ہے؟

    Important thing here is to bring this to common man's attention
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    سلمان خان اور سعوی عرب پر مختلف زاویہ

    But sad thing is this is the beginning in SA and you can imagine where they can go, given UAE and Bahrain like neighbours. Also may be we've not seen any news against it from within SA. May be, we Pakistanis have respect for Kalima and SA has Kalima on its Flag, seeing that disrespected was...
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    کیا یہ صیح ہے یا غلط - اپنی راہے کا اظہار کریں - شکریہ

    Hoping Ministry of Education will take action and strengthen the schools admin. It is very difficult to manage as you need very good teachers who understand these things, looking at the teacher one can imagine his competence to be a teacher. Hope teachers can convey the right message to these...
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    Surah Al Mulk with Urdu Translation Only 7:17 min

    SubhanAllah very nice - JzkAllah Khairan
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    مریم نواز کی خوبصورت آواز میں چرالیا ہے تم نے جو دل کو گانے کی ویڈیو

    Haha... I really thought you was referring to her Modi Chacha...
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    مریم نواز کی خوبصورت آواز میں چرالیا ہے تم نے جو دل کو گانے کی ویڈیو

    Lakh di lannat - kanjars showing their asal auwqat and that too with indian songs...haha
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    وزیراعظم کا بنی گالہ سے گزرتے ہوئےکرکٹ گرائونڈ کا دورہ، نوجوانوں سے ملاقات

    Malang Badshah hai IK - May Allah protect him and give him success in his sincere efforts for his country