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    This is condemnable..!

    what would you say when with in 500M radious, Azaan come from four mosques, each mosque having four loud speakers of each mosque all at one time, more over b4 and after naat speacially early morning at 3.00am?
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    UK denies any agreement with Pak to hand over Ishaq Dar, says British Foreign Minister

    there mother is british...........
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    ''Do you think Asif Zardari is innocent?'' - Maryam Nawaz responds to reporter's question

    Awam k rush sey restaurant bhrey parey hein. piaz aj pbhi 30 rs kilo hey. orr 2 saal pehley yehee piaz 80 rupey kilo tha.
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    Be aware!! Khan is the cornered tiger!!

    Is he driving your mother as a taxi. or your ass is dirpping when hear the roar
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    Burn your car, break your watch - A social media activist Advises Mufti Muneeb-u-Rehman

    And you trying to proof that you deen daar, stupid...............
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    Reference against Justice Isa: SCBA threatens to lock down courts on June 14

    waqt aa gia hey k awam wukla gardi k khilaf uth kharay houn
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    چوروں کی طرح رات کی تاریکی میں ریفرنس دائر

    This guy is completely out of his mind
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    Police found Farishta's murderer

    I bet you this sinner will hanged soon,
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    Darpok Imran Niazi YOUR TIME IS UP !!

    It's my request to all my respected PTI supporters and MUhib e watan pakistanies to deal with pmln and ppp donkies I mean donkey head, with logic....these pmln and peepeepee are fool, don't swear them, they are corrupt and illiterate......these goons are brain less, its hard for them to face the...
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    Dr. Fiza Akbar Khan Ka Maryam Nawaz Ko Karaara Jawab .

    such karwa hota hey......chuch
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    پروبیشنری پیریڈ ختم، عمران خان کو نا اہلی پر نوکری سے برخاست کیا جائے۔

    Go f***k your self...............what your goonz did in 40 years, now time to pay back peoples like you who keep reelecting thieves again and again
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    نیا پاکستان ہاؤسنگ فراڈ – عمران خان کو جیل ہو گی

    Imran khan 's life is the without fear, don't underestimate him, just wait and see, if you guys accepted 30 years of ppp and pmln then just give him few years.