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    وزیر اعلیٰ عثمان بزدار نے نیب پیشی پر کیا کہا، اینکر عمران خان نے بتادیا

    He was hiding under the table listening to their conversations.
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    Maryam Nawaz hits back at Imran Khan ! Who Gave Secret go ahead to Maryam ?

    I come to their post just to see the comments
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    بیوروکریسی پر دباؤ ڈالا جارہا ہےکہ ہر حال میں عثمان بزدار کو بچاناہے-عمران

    Its been 2 years and he was supposed to be gone 2 years ago by these anchors🤣🤣🤣
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    PTI Walay Call Me Arastoo, but now I have Really Become One!!!

    With all the esucation he still became corrupt nd supporter of corrupt. Kya faida asi education ka jo insaan to corrupt bananay se rokay, in US ethics classes are in every degree in Islam its lut beleif which prevents us from becoming corrupt. It you become corrupt then whats the point of your...
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    A new wave of progress for Pakistan under CPEC

    The politicians, judges, cops, journalists and etc are corrupt butndid anyone looked around them and see who cheats? Take shortcuts? Do 2 numberi and etc? All these corrupt comes from the society so best you can do is try to live like how you want Pakistan to be and how it can progress. Change...
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    سونو نگھم پاکستانی ننھی گلوکارہ ہادیہ ہاشمی کی آواز سن کر آبدیدہ ہو گئے

    Oh woow who cares what and why Sonu Nigam thinks or feel!
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    Pakistan seizes Iranian oil tanker at US request

    Majority see what they want via selective biased and not the whole picture. How many labours work in Saudia Arabia from Pakistan? How much $$$ comes from Middle east to Pakistan? US has put sanctions on Iran and people want Pakistan to ignore them and buy Iranian oil? This will make Pakistan...
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    Indian Oppression in Kashmir is Untenable (DAWN's Free Reign to Indians).

    Im going to stop reading dawn. The only good thing they had was the herald magazine which they stopped
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    Indian Oppression in Kashmir is Untenable (DAWN's Free Reign to Indians).

    That many Indians read Dawn!
  10. @@O.P authors have gone bonkers.

    They are trying let them, its better than The tharki section of what celebrity said what🤣🤣🤣
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    Kiya Azhar Ali ko kaptan rehna chyeye?

    Look at the Pakistan squad, who can be a captain? No one in the squad, please dont say Babar Azam.
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    Hiroshima and Nagasaki: the single greatest acts of terrorism in History.

    Sympathise with anyone who was or/and is oppressed!
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    Nagasaki – why did the US drop the second bomb?

    Read about tokyo air raid which killed more people than Abomb and destroyed the city. Was the bomb justified, ask the American they will say yea, Japense they will say no. My opinion is similarly to the Americans, US dropped the bomb to win the war, US troops Took too many casualties in asia...
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    Saudi crown prince accused of sending hit squad to Canada: BBC

    G a n g s t e r = Gangster.
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    Nagasaki – why did the US drop the second bomb?

    The point is its war,l and everything is fair in war, just look at history, its full of it.