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    OMG! Saudi Arabia Silent Over Pakistani Oil Deal! - What's Really Going On?

    Call our Army back , let these goat riders defend themselves
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    مکار ذکا کا پب جی گیم نہ کھلوانے پر عمران خان سے استعفیٰ مانگنے کی بونگی

    Actually i start looking to his videos time to time when he got beaten by a political party some years ago , today i realized that he is as idiot and non sense
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    زرداری اور بلاول کے پاس جعلی وصیت ہے ، الطاف حسین کا نیا انکشاف

    our System is unfortunatly not strong enough to probe these type of claims
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    US judge sent kids to jail for money

    US IS A CORRUPT AS Pakistan
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    قانون میں جے آئی ٹی کی کوئی حیثیت نہیں - امتیاز شیخ کا دعویٰ

    Pakistan main Qanoon ki bhe koi haisiyat nahi jab tak bhutoo zinda hai
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    جب بارش آتا ہے تو پانی آتا ہے۔۔۔۔۔لعنت۔۔

    He is just as incompetent as his father and mother with speech disorder
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    پاکستان ایکسچینج کے باہر فائرنگ کے تبادلے کے مناظر

    Or hamara fake media, start se hi report kar raha tha kay stock exchange hall kay ander dasri bomb phenk diyeh,
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    Overseas Pakistanis Protest Moves Against Imran Khan

    I do not see anything happening to PTI until the next election,
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    New kind of fraud in Nikah Nama

    Dono haramzaddo nay itni lambi lambi darri rakhi hui hai