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    Firdous Ashiq Awan meets Governor & CM Punjab-Getting new responsibilities?

    Excellent political lady...will do the task assign successfully.
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    اقلیتی کمیشن شیم شیم

    Islam kay Masail Koo kisii aur Koo badnaam karnaa kaena aur Apnaa faida kay liya use karnaa bhouth gunah hay. We all should be careful. Don't take ur differences over ur religious matters. Tuhamat aur gandgi sai zaban Koo paak rakhain.
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    PM Writes To Mark Zuckerberg Asking For Ban On Islamophobic Content

    Chaloo Hath sai nahi rook sakta...tu Moo Sai hii bool loo....Abhi tu Dil mai hii buraa samjhnaa kaa waqt ana walaa hay...ALLAH hum sab koo Dean e IslamALLAH kay Akhri Nabi e Pak Muhammad Mustafa salallahu alayhi wasalam aur Sahaba karaam, buzargan e Dean kay rastoo per chalnaa kii tufeeq Dai...
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    Has India become new sanctuary of terrorists ?

    India is like this for decays now just getting exposed...Foreign Media now start writing abt it before that its all hidden internationally but on ground its always happening....The people of india believe in terrorism against others...The real face on Endia is horrible which still hidden.
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    Police Officer Stops Car On Gunpoint In Public Place

    Its a mistake when police take out gun...that is serious. he should not move the car an inch. Everything can be sorted out latter. Police can think him a stolen car and in rush of moments can open fire. this is great that police officer not open fire save a life. otherwise this guy almost done a...
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    "بکواس بند،گلاس ماروں گا میں۔۔" ولید اقبال اور عاجز دھامرا میں تلخ کلامی

    PTI Karachi create a mess out of nothing. Got forces involve to carry baggage of their bad decisions.
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    آرمی چیف نے کراچی واقعے کا نوٹس لے لیا - آئی ایس پی آر

    Not a good decision. Politicians are dragging security forces in these matters. they should stay silient and let PTI, PMLN & PPP bark each other.
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    تم ذلیل آدمی ہو ,تم بے غیرت ہو"اعظم سواتی اور مشاہد اللہ کےدرمیان تلخ کلامی

    Mushad is super Chalak and he said the truth. America mai Cases hain iss kay oper. And he get into the politics using money. Initially JUI F and now PTI. 😀. He dont have answer to start saying bad words to Mushaid. Mushaid poorana bunda hay aur siasi maidaan mai kamal rakhtaa hai. PTI kay...
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    پی ڈی ایم شاید عمران خان نے بنائی ہے، جلسے کے شرکا پی ڈی ایم بارے لاعلم

    PDM---PeyDaishiMunafiqoo nay bunai hain. Matlab jinhoo nay Kursii dilwaii inn koo hii kata...
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    کیپٹن ریٹائرڈ صفدر کی گرفتاری ریاستی دہشت گردی ہے: محمد زبیر

    When you do meetings for hrs of hrs to these politicians: then results are like this. the guy become Governor due to links and now biting the owner.
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    Capt (retd) Safdar arrested from hotel in Karachi: Maryam Nawaz

    A part from this. few years ago has scene on 14th Aug or 23rd March: When people visit or as scout some actually climb on the walls outside and some jump inside tomb grill area. And yes its the fun and enjoyment for kids. There are lot of other activities, exercises, cricket, March drills, food...
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    ٹک ٹاک پر پابندی، حکومت کو پابندیاں لگانے کا بڑا شوق ہے - بلاول بھٹو

    Did PPP gave a one minute silence or fathiah the Event happen with BB on 18th Oct. Did he talk abt what they done so far for the families who lost lives. Are those people invited. No idea why people are keep following these politicians which not follow religion & country law. sad to see Qaid...
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    Nawaz Sharif attacks on Bajwa. Opposition vs PM. How was the 1st show

    He still living in 90's. ground reality is Pak is in WAR and daily bases forces are fighting on all front. He should direct talk to Imran Khan and put resigns if the deal not complete. Leave the Institution a side. Pollical parties not solving the problem...The easy solution is to make Defence...
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    Watch Ariel view of PDM's Gujranwala Jalsa

    Yea tu bhouth Kam loogh hain. Noon league aab koi jalsaa kartii nazar nahii aati....aab in koo lashaain chaiyaa...PTI khood koi ghaltii karaygii?