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    China prepares to invade Taiwan!

    Can someone tell me how world War 2 started. FIJI seems like a nice place to live.
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    Neutrals are again miscalculating by using CEC against PTI.

    Reminds me of a similar Junta behavior. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Imprisonment. In 1998, the fundamentalist Welfare Party was declared unconstitutional on the grounds of threatening the secularism of Turkey and was shut down by the Turkish constitutional court. Erdoğan became a prominent speaker at...
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    Betrayal to Indian Muslims

    Nehru organized the assassination of Gandhi.
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    عمران کو کس نے 8 ہفتوں میں الیکشن کی یقین دہانی کروائی؟عارف حمید بھٹی

    Once the assemblies are dissolved in Punjab, KPK,AJK, GB everything is automated let the dominos fall.
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    Pakistan for Sale!

    Talking to a Shit for brains patwari is like a Honey Bee explaining to a patwari House Fly why it should not feed on Shit. Keep your shit to yourself no body gives a fuck.
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    Pakistan for Sale!

    PTI. Supporters are. bourgeoisie. It took 20plus years to come this far. Another 10 is needed.
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    Pakistan for Sale!

    French Revolution took 10 years. First the banks failed, Elites tried to escape Foreign powers interfered Wars broke out . All elites were arrested Executions 6 years of laws of the jungle Napoleon was called to take over. New constitution 10 years of wandering 20 years of planning And so...
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    Pakistan for Sale!

    Read the French Revolution. Pakistan is following the path page by page.
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    Can elections solve our problems

    No one with agree with me, but my opinion comes from deep wisdom. Country needs to default before elections, or Pakistan will suffer for decades.
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    ڈالر قابو سے باہر، بینکوں کی من مانیاں، امپورٹرز مشکلات کا شکار

    Bank default was the first step in the French Revolution. 10,000 beheadings of the elites 10,000 dead in jails. Was the next step.
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    آئی ایس پی آر کے آفیشل فیس بک اکاؤنٹ سے پی ٹی آئی مخالف خبر شیئر کی گئی؟

    So the news is Abraj group Ceo. Arif Naqwi Paid 20million dollars bribe to Nawaz and Shebaz. Which the Americans have caught. And he made a donation to PTI as an overseas Pakistani. Which PTI Has declared. So can anyone explain where the illegality is?
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    PTI + PPP

    MQM and Ppp will be eliminated in sindh. Permanently. Delayed election Benifts PTI Imran Khan has more time to plan.
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    The strange cricket match that helped fund Imran Khan’s political rise

    Did you even read the article? Patwaris dumb ass-ume
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    چوہدری شجاعت کا خط کب اور کہاں لکھا گیا؟طارق بشیر چیمہ کاانکشاف

    چوہدری شجاعت ایک پرانی بندوق جو لڑائی میں استعمال نہیں ہوتی لیکن جب اسے استعمال کیا جاتا ہے تو آپ کا اپنا آدمی مارا جاتا ہے۔