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    Saudi foreign minister's visit not linked to Musharraf: Foreign Office

    Arab dogs not allowed!! Stay away from pakistan.
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    Suicide bombers are worst criminals and will go to Hell - Saudi Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz

    Re: Grand mufti calls suicide bombers criminals mr mufti how about the drones!!!! do you need permission from your boss??
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    ISPR statement not an interference in politics: pervez rashid

    True, toppling of a democratic government is also not interference in politics, it's just practising the code.
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    Egypt Crackdown

    what a pathetic army, can kill only own people. Posing as if they have defeated israel!!!!
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    "Watch this space" -good Article by Dawn on MQM

    Even Abu jahl was determined he was on straight path!
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    "Malala day" to resonate with educational resolutions across the country!!!

    Re: Malala Yousafzai Addresses UN General Assembly Our future prime minister, being trained professionally.
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    Irfan Siddiqui's Interesting Column On Abbotabad Commission Report

    Our army is nothing but ********
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    BBC 2's Altaf Hussain/MQM Documentary (Videos Added)

    Re: BBC NEWSNIGHT STARTED WITH THE THREAT OF BORIS By ALTAF Comeon Altaf file a suit against BBC now!
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    Windows Phone 8 - Nokia Lumia 928 - Any windows phone users on this forum?

    End of road for Nokia whatever they do.
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    ElBaradei named Egypt's interim PM

    As expected, liberal dog now being awarded.
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    Some startling Questions that arise after Balochistan attacks...

    well next time ISI should also phone the media to say that there was no intelligence failure!!
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    A Third country is involved in Drone attacks?

    how funny! its like "Namalum afraad" in karachi who comes and kill wherever and whenever they like. Think people are dumb!!
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    New saudi law. 19 job titles can never be occupied by non-Saudis

    i will not keep saudi even a CHAPRASI/BHANGI in my home