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    The Obscene Video of Criminal Mengal Driving a Bentley, While Children Die

    It was a Rolls Royce in Dubai, not in Pakistan.
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    Corona virus Test in 5 seconds! | Iran presents new coronavirus genius

    Those were the cheap fake handheld bomb detectors, and an inverted dildo on the table.
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    We are under testing and under reporting, Indian Doctor...

    Its actually sad to see how the poor masses will go through it, regardless of the countries.
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    گورکھ دھندہ --- 2

    No matter what, but something is fishy out there. During 9/11 I was in the US, and I remember all those days and the feelings surrounding the environment.
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    الله کے حوالے

    She is probably some zakira, trying to earn some extra bread n butter.
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    PAF plane on routine training mission crashes near Mardan

    I've been a pilot myself. Your parents just taught you this lingo. Damn shame, aka 'Phattey Huey Condom Kei Paidawar'
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    PAF plane on routine training mission crashes near Mardan

    3rd plane in a month. Damn shame. Can we dare to ask for answers PAF? Of course not.
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    Lt Gen Retd Ashraf Saleem comments on Pakistan Air Defence System Capability

    Sorry to say, but our entire air defence system, including EWR, LR-EWR were totally jammed and rendered useless for an entire hour by the US Navy's single ship when fired Tomahawk missiles into Afghanistan, flying right above Pakistani airspace without any early warning. Pakistan was informed...
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    A lot of cross firing at Sialkot border.

    What is the situation now?
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    Pakistan didn't commit any blunder by opting-out of Kuala Lumpur summit - Gen (R) Ijaz Awan

    Pakistan has done the right choice by not participating in the Kualalampur summit for the time being.
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    Indeed blasphemy law has been misused in Pakistan. Mullas and other factions use it against whomever they want, and the rest of the public start following them blindly.
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    Petition hearing for unconditional removal of Nawaz Sharif from ECL

    That Nooni molvi lawyer must be punished by his ass.
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    Good bye Maulana Mission Accomplished? Moeed Pirzada's Vlog

    Patwaris are the creatures who only think with their ass.