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    موٹروے پر خاتون کا ریپ، نابالغ بچوں سے زیادتی۔ جنسی گھٹن کا نتیجہ

    Sari dunya darando sy bhari hui hy.. faraq itna hy ky developed mulkoon meen police saloon tak mujram dhondti rehti hy... some time for decades... Pak police mader chood ghareebon ko marny me masroof hy... kuty ka bachy.. eesi stories sun kar hasty heen...
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    Complete details, Why Police shot a Black man in America yesterday

    Either you don't use your brain.. or you are full of shit. If your reason is "person is a convicted rapist and has 2 counts of assault and domestic violence " That implies you support a cop being judge/jury and execution-ist. do you ? Should we run country by constables and closed down courts...
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    نیب ہماری بہنوں اور بیٹیوں کو نوٹس جاری کرکے انکی تذلیل کررہی ہے- ایاز صادق

    Mr Sadiq jab app ki bahen mulk ki maan ko ch--d rahi thi.. tab kion chup thy ????
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    PTI Walay Call Me Arastoo, but now I have Really Become One!!!

    bhai metaphorical tatty...
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    PTI Walay Call Me Arastoo, but now I have Really Become One!!!

    naheen janab.. app pehly nawaz sharif ky tatty thy.... ab app maryam safdar ky tatty heen... BTW way I am an ex-PMLN ...
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    Bill Gates calls out Pakistan as a COVID-19 success story

    where did he say pakistan ? I could not find it.
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    عمران خان کا شو ختم - پیر پنجر سرکار

    pingar sarkar pehly uer(fly) ker dikhaen phir aap ki baat many geen hum
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    Poll: Why Is Bilawal Zardari Not Married Yet? Express Your Views.

    BTW after recent events patwaris + NS +SS + maryam can legally have last name Niazi.
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    پاک فوج نے بھارت کا ایک اور کواڈ کاپٹر مار گرایا

    15$ ka khilona hy... urany do india ko..
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    میں ہوں علمی کتابی چھوڑو

    pehly check ker lia kareen.. essa and adam in quran mentioned 25 times each.. Satan is mentioned 70... with his name iblis he is mentioned 14 times. So yeah... Ali is not lying. Kuch dimagh aur reason use ker lia kareen...
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    لاک ڈاؤن کھولنا وزیراعظم عمران خان کا جرات مندانہ فیصلہ ہے- ارشاد بھٹی

    dear anchormen Bakwaas kerna bohat zaroori hy??????? Its such a thing that no one has any idea... which way would it go... yet you have to have definitive opinion... why ????????
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    5 Reasons Imran Khan selected General Asim Bajwa as advisor

    I say ali mirza has humongous task at hand which is reaching people.. telling them to read quran and consult hadess them selves... Looking at the response on his arrest -ive and +ive.... seems like he has reached people. I think he should not go toe to toe with any scholar and should avoid...
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    5 Reasons Imran Khan selected General Asim Bajwa as advisor

    I do not know. I also do not know tariq masood. I suffer seeing people not being able to reason properly.. even when they talk politics. I suffer seeing musalman doing same things as the people they disapprove..for example.. ganging up on smaller sects...creating new things in religion...