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    Pakistani Christian resists forced conversion, Muslim threats (video)

    Mohan beta hindutwa terrorists are lynching Muslims & christians daily in India. This BJP’s IT cell worker is a resident Mutri on this forum & his job is to spread hatred & propaganda against Pakistan.
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    Without Caption...

    Billo to Maryam: Qatari se meri bhi setting kar dou na please ...
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    جنرل باجوہ نے آج تک کبھی انڈین گانا نہیں سنا ;)

    Unarmed civilians? Very good joke 😂 Raw sponsored Altafi terrorists were doing target killings daily & collecting Bhatta from people. Financial hub of Pakistan was destroyed by Altafi terrorists for more than two decades but thanks to Raheel Sharif who smashed this terrorist organisation once...
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    جنرل باجوہ نے آج تک کبھی انڈین گانا نہیں سنا ;)

    The nation salutes General Raheel Sharif for destroying Altafi terrorist organisation.
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    How Virgin Atlantic Has Won In Pakistan

    Good news
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    Pak's largest Cricket Stadium is progressing well...

    Why are you spreading negativity? International cricket has already come back to Pakistan. Sri Lanka, West Indies, Bangladesh recently toured Pakistan & hopefully other teams will be touring soon. PSL has been a great success, more & more international players are taking part in it. Rafi...
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    Meet Former Bol, Samaa, Dunya News Cameraman Who Opened General Store

    General store can be a very successful business if run with dedication & hard work. I have seen general store owners who started from a small shop and then became very big & successful. May Allah grant him success in his new business, Ameen.
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    Javed Afridi responds to Mushahid Ullah Khan

    Ye PIA ka loader aaj kal Maryam Farari ka loader bana hua hai. Iss kameenay ne PIA ko tabah kiya tha.
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    For those who were mocking the unveiling of a New Map!!!

    Kulbhushan’s uncle Ajit Doval ran like a dog 🐕
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    !!!اسلام مخالف واقعات زیادہ تر سکینڈی نیوین ممالک ہی میں کیوں ہوتے ہیں

    Sahih kaha aap ne. Yahan par kuch loag Pakistan se zyada Iran aur Saudi Arab keh himayati hai. Both Iran & Saudi can’t be trusted & they are not our real friends. Firqa parasti se balatar ho kar hamein Pakistan ki khatir mutahhid hona chahiye aur Pakistan ko strong country banana chahiye..
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    Man's throat slit outside Toronto Mosque - Hate Crime

    White Christian Terrorism
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    Iran condemns Bahrain’s ‘shameful’ normalization deal with Israel

    Right things? By helping India against Pakistan & using Kulbhushan & Uzair Baloch for Terrorism in Pakistan. Take your sectarian glasses off & be loyal to Pakistan only. As a Sunni I don’t care about any Arab country or king who worships the US & Israhell.
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    Qamar Zaman Kaira is Badmouthing PPP!!!

    Kaira is a typical certified slave of his corrupt bosses
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    Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed

    Salute to our brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for Madre Watan
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    Major Gaurav Arya explains Sectarian Fault Lines in Pakistan

    Don’t promote gobar Arya. Due to fear from Pak army, he retired early so that he & his boyfriend gaoSwami win wars in tv studio same like Bollywood 🤣