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    حکومت کمروںمیں آ کےمنتیں کرتی ہے،خدا کیلئے ہمارےساتھ تعاون کریں:احسن اقبال

    We have been reading this story from our childhood both in Urdu and English. The shepherd in this story used to fool people by always telling a lie that the "lion has come" شیرآیا شیر آیا Look at the irony that we have again fell for it, despite being warned since our childhood: Dekho Dekho...
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    حکومت کمروںمیں آ کےمنتیں کرتی ہے،خدا کیلئے ہمارےساتھ تعاون کریں:احسن اقبال

    After every month or so opposition parties just come up with a new false propaganda. The conclusion of each propaganda is that Imran Khan will have to leave the government in thirty days. Every time such propagandas have been proved to be nothing more than a storm in a teacup with Lifafa...
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    حکومت کمروںمیں آ کےمنتیں کرتی ہے،خدا کیلئے ہمارےساتھ تعاون کریں:احسن اقبال

    Judging from their current statements, I can now very well imagine how much lies they could have spread during their time. They are habitual liar. They can say anything without any base or fabricated false so called facts to just prove their lie. So pathetic they are.
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    آصف زرداری نے نوازشریف سے بدلہ لے لیا، اینکر عمران

    ALHAMDULILLAH. May ALLAH bring prosperity to our country and may it really becomes the fort for Islam.
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    حکومت میں ہمت ہے تو عام انتخابات بھی قبل از وقت کروائے۔ سراج الحق

    My dear Molana Sb what will you get then. Do you even have candidates to contest an election
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    PM Imran used CCPO Lahore for illegal occupation of a plot

    You are a lawyer, why don't you launch a case and prove it in the court of law (Lahore High Court) can be the best place as the plot is in Lahore.
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    پہلے پی پی اپنا وزیراعظم بنالے، پھر مولانا وزیراعظم بن جائیں، نوازشریف

    He himself knows that he is lying. How on earth FR can be a PM of Pakistan when he does not have the required numbers in the assembly.
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    Noam Chomsky:Pakistan Drifting Away from Science

    Four challenges identified by him are: 1- the threats of a nuclear war. We can respond INSHALLAH. 2- environmental catastrophe. We have realized it and working on tree plantation already. 3- deterioration of democracy worldwide. Ours is improving at this point in time. 4- the coronavirus...
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    عمران نیازی چیلنج کرتا ہوں 3200 ارب میں سے 32 روپے کی کرپشن ثابت کر دو

    When it is proven in the court of law or NAB then you will start saying that it is a nexus between IK and the institutions. In reality you want to say that IK should prove your corruption where you are the judge, you are the witness and you will write the order.
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    جس طریقے سے لوگ جلسے کے لئے نکل رہے ہیں، لوگوں میں بہت عدم اطمینان ہے - میر

    Hamid Mir, AKA Mir Sadiq/Mir Jaffar. I will criticize and agitate if NS does not come back. Where is that noise?
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    وزیر اعظم عمران خان کا گلگت میں شاہی پروٹوکول

    So, sad to see it. IK these visuals don't suit the person like you please.