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    شہباز شریف کو اسلئے نہیں جانے دیا گیا کہ واپس ضرور آئینگے :حامد میر

    Lifafa Mir used to say this about Nawaz Sharif as well. And this Lifafa Mir said that if he didn't come back then it will be Lifafa Mir who will make the highest hue and cry. But he is silent on the matter now. Not only that but he is repeating the same chawals for others now.
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    عدالت نے کہا شہباز شریف نے رشوت نہیں لی، یہ توہین عدالت ہے :حامد میر

    Lifafa Mir used to say that he will make the loudest uproar if Nawaz Sharif doesn't come back. But this lifafa doesn't even talk about him now.
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    شہباز شریف کو باہر جانے سے روکنے پر عمران خان کا شکریہ ادا کرنا چاہئے:حامد

    Lifafa Mir used to say that he will make the loudest uproar if Nawaz Sharif doesn't come back. But this lifafa doesn't even talk about him now.
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    وزیراعظم عمران خان کی روضہ رسول ﷺ پر حاضری، ملکی سلامتی کیلئے خصوصی دعا کی

    Allah Khan sahab ki hifazat farmae aur unhay Pakistan ki khidmat ka barpoor moqa atah farmae.
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    The One Man Army called KHAN, Imran KHAN!

    Imran Khan is an inspiration. He is positive face of Pakistan.
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    Way forward

    The default is averted, economy is stable now. The TLP issue was solved in the best possible way. Only problem is now inflation which will surely be controlled with better production and food/mafia management in future.
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    الیکٹرانک ووٹنگ سسٹم کی بڑی قیمت، 300 ارب روپے سے زائد لاگت آئے گی

    One time cost and they can be used again and again. The only question will be the design. It shouldn't be something where they have to completely change the device in future due to a glitch or some new requirement.
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    Pakistan submits compliance report to FATF

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has submitted its compliance report on implementation of the remaining three key out of total 27 action plans to the global money laundering watchdog Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to come out of its grey list, official sources said on Thursday. “We have submitted our...
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    PM Imran Khan to leave for Saudi Arabia on three-day visit today

    ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan will leave for a three-day visit to Saudi Arabia today on the invitation of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz. During the visit, the prime minister’s consultations with the Saudi leadership will cover all areas of bilateral cooperation...
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    Initial report on Firdous Ashiq Awan's flare-up finds Sialkot AC at fault

    A Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has submitted a report regarding Chief Minister's Special Assistant Firdous Ashiq Awan's recent outburst with Assistant Commissioner (AC) Sonia Sadaf over "sub-standard food" at a Ramadan bazaar in Sialkot. A JIT was formed on the directives of the Punjab Chief...
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    Daraz supports PM Khan's Initiative of 'Koi Bhooka Nahin Soye Ga'

    April 23rd 2021, Karachi: As part of government’s Ehsaas Program, Prime Minister Imran Khan launched “Koi Bhooka Nahin Soyega” initiative to provide for the underprivileged and work towards making sure no one is left hungry in the country. Daraz takes part in this drive by providing its platform...
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    Punjab government decides to end stamp papers

    LAHORE: The Punjab government has decided to end stamp papers which will shift the registration process of properties on white paper, ARY News reported on Thursday. A member of the Board of Revenue Babar Hayat Tarar said that the registration of properties will be completed on white paper by...
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    غلطیاں کرو، اعتراف کرو، پھر دہراؤ ، ملک ہے کلاس روم نہیں۔ بلاول بھٹو

    Insan Ghaltiyu say hi seekta hai. Lakin yeh bat woh kia jaanay jo Jan bhooj kar ghalti say Fake accounts aur Ayan Ali k through paisay bhej kar Properties banatay hai.