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    What is Asfandyar Wali doing in Afghanistan with Ashraf Ghani? Dr Shahid Masood

    Lolx. Afghan is tan is a nation state unlike Pakistan which lost half of itself due to hate and racial descrimation. How about this. KP joins Afganistan, Sindh to Mumbai, Balochistan a separate country, Punjab to Eastern panjanb and So call AJK to Indian Kashmir.
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    Big setback for India : China rejects India’s unilateral actions in occupied Kashmir

    Once again another Niazi has lost his land. This time yielding to international pressures. Just wondering if the same deal would have done by NS the youtias would have gone made with NS traitor words coming out of their both holes
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    Bilawal Zardari's complete press conference today

    جیو بلاول۔ I commend your stand on Kashmiris
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    A unanimous message should be delivered through the Parliament - PM Imran Khan to hooting opposition

    کھودا پھاڑ نکلا چوھا۔ یہ بیغیرت نیازی کشمیر کھو کر ھی اقتدار چھوڑے گا۔
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    Niazi took 1st class $5000 seats on QATAR AIRWAYS instead of economy class $800 seats! Madiney ki riyasat?

    Enjoying double standards of yiuthias. 2 years ago I thought these guys are very sensible and expected they would criticize any wrong move by niazi. But I didn’t know that the supporters are even worse in morals than their leader, now defending them.
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    مفتی طارق مسعود نے پوپلزئی رویت حلال کمیٹی کی حقیقت بتا دی

    Everyone knows this guy is racist against Pathans. I myself saw the crescent a no of times and the committee decided it tomorrow. Where was PTM 9, 10 years ago. Yousufazis of Swat only did with Fed Yusufzais of swabi, mardan, bajawer all observed with popalzai sb.
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    I wish PTI looses upcoming KPK by-election. Do you?

    You can't expect perfection in PTI at this stage. Let some shortcoming go by. If it goes by following these ideal standards it may even lose its current support.
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    Brave Kentucky store clerk ZARA ADIL fights off much bigger armed robber

    Not a big deal. The armed robber seems most likely a junkie, drug impaired. I happen to see such people. They are like walking dead. Anyway being a lady (which does not matter here) doing such thing is rewarding. The law may go against her though..
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    Imran Khan addressing PTI Jeddah (Now)

    AOA Machar, Can you please give me your email. Its very important as we are having the toughest time in our lives and a very serious matter for our whole family. Being a PTI supporter I dont want to discuss these issues. Your personal attention is very much needed. I also request all the...