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    خیبر، معا ہدے کی خلاف ورزی

    oh bhai apke log tu yahan norway mei pantshirt aur jeans pehnte hai aur wahan pakistna mei bhi tu kia wo american banjate hai? khuda ka khauf karo yaar. aisa na ho ke jammat ka naam ijmaye ********** na banjaye.
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    Sad decisions of PTI- They Removed my friend after 20 years with PTI

    PTI ko tu bunne bhi 20 saal nahin huwe yaar. kamal karte ho
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    PTI Muzang Chungi 9 Oct 2015 Jalsa - NA122 - Keep Updating

    Re: کتنے آدمی ہیں؟ ye tu tehreer square ki tasveer lagai hai yaar
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    Former PTI Spokesman Akbar S Babar decides to register case against PTI in US

    dont know what his prblm is. iski consistancy dekh k banda hairan hojata hai
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    سانحہ منی میں سعودی حکومت کا کیا قصور

    o bhai 1000 log marey hai. ye qis khate mei hai. ***** bhejo iranio pe. pakistan ke citizen mar chuke hai kuch lapata hai mutasirin ke kefiat ka koi andaza lagaye. aplogo ka koi nahi mara jin ka shaheed huwa unke boots mei peyr rakh k soche
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    Efforts to bring investors back to KP yielding results!!!

    hahahha the funny thing about the news is that there is no mention of KPK govt. just federal and the KP chamber. Are these news tabloids or political opponents
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    Rikshaw Drivers beaten by KPK Traffic Wardens in Peshawar

    rickshaw drivers are real nuisances. they and bikers need sound beating. yaar sarey accidents eid aur ramadhan mei inlogo ki waja se hote hai
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    رویت ہلال کمیٹی ختم کرنے کی تجویز

    mufti popalzai was right the day govt announced fast everyone could see it it was so obvious whereas the moon on the ist day of fasting cannot be seen so easily on naked eye. actually if u guys get to know the procedure for shahdat. it is impossible for an imposter to go there. the process is...
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    وفاق کا خیبر پختونخواہ کے لئے خصوصی پیکج

    By the way isnt tax free exports going to hurt kpk economy? Any expert plz?
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    Was KP LB Election Part of Scripted Plan? Personal Theory

    Offcourse they r supposed to do that. That was wat Ik did against others. I mean u cannot put every blame on others. Pti made blunders. U accuse other of corruption, rigging and incompetence. Then u shouldnt do that stuff urselves. This is sheer hypocrisy
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    Was KP LB Election Part of Scripted Plan? Personal Theory

    Yaar idher swabi mei asad qaiser and co ne dhandli aise ki ke nawaz sharif and co sharmajayenge. Yaar jab hum log khud dhandli karte hai tu dusro pe q aitheraz karte hai. Yaar m really disappointed. Pti is not going the way it was supposed to be. Imran khan ki mehnat ko chand chote logo ne sari...
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    PML-N strategy for Local Bodies Elections in KPK

    well actually being from kpk i tell you this election is more like a relative/clan/family stuff then the party. anyhow PTI elected people are doing some serious mess and there will be strange outcomes. we are facing a situation in our area
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    What should be Pakistan's stance on Yemen Issue ?? Ahmed Qureshi great analysis,

    Re: احمد قریشی: بہت زبردست تجزیہ O bhai jan jo ap se disagree karega zaroori tu nahi ke wo irani hoga.. ap tu malaysia mei hai aur wo bhi muslim mulq hai aur army rakhta hai wo log q itne jazbati nahin. u dont abuse if someone disagree. plz
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    GCC Vs Pakistan (myths vs reality)

    I agree and your points make sense except for pakistanis to stay there and fight for their kapils who suck them dry of their hard earned money. there is my difference. if u live there perhaps u would do the opposite. ;-)
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    GCC Vs Pakistan (myths vs reality)

    Brother i agree with your points. but you advocate sending your troops to a WAR. you are declaring a WAR with a country you have no reason to. The bombing is not UN sanctioned so u can face the problem of war crimes involvement tomorrow. The money which our people earn is hard earned money. hard...