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    Meezan bank has terminated Online Fund transfer facility for Non Resident Pakistanis

    Try UBL business partner plus accounts.
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    PTI's govt launches big crackdown against tax evaders - Kamran Khan

    What if a man does not wish to pay taxes because he does not get anything back from the state? Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? Why can't the government work as hard as a man to earn the money rather than force its citizens to pay?
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    Why Muslims Can't wish "Merry Christmas"?

    Nothing wrong in wishing merry Christmas. Zakir Naik started off well. But then digressed. You see Christmas is about the Birth of Christ. Who was christ? Isa Ibn Maryam. A Prophet in status for Muslims. Nothing wrong in wishing a Prophet's birthday. Regardless if his followers think he was a...
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    How do you see Usman Buzdar's comparison with Waseem Akram?

    I think this just another demonstration of Imran Khan's lack of oratory skills where he once again tried to make good point using a bad analogy. LoL.
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    Sami Ibrahim questions Sheikh Rasheed on his viral video with two females

    I for one don't see what's wrong with this video. Even if The sheikh was flirting with them, more power to him! As long as everyone is a consenting adult, there is absolutely nothing wrong here. Grow up
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    Benefits of "U-Turns" from the richest man on the face of the earth!!!

    I am guy who gives benefit of doubt. Perhaps Imran is getting old. He has lapses in memory and judgement and these are the reasons why he is making such course corrections. This makes him look like a reactionary guy rather than somebody who makes things happen. Therefore I come back to my...
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    The stupidity that is atheism

    I gave you how selective genes are transferred between 2 individuals. The incestuous part was provided to highlight how that leads to genetic deficiency. I didn't say what the homo sapiens and neanderthals did was incestuous. Homo sapiens are superior in intelligence to neanderthals. Its not...
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    The stupidity that is atheism

    I said Mesopotamians had belief in 7 Earths and 7 Heavens. I didn't say the Quran has 7 Earths. I said its suspicious that the Quran also has 7 Heavens. I am not the one who proclaims religion. lol. Some guys in Mesopotamia probably still believed that Zeus is on Mount Olympus. How the hell do...
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    Benefits of "U-Turns" from the richest man on the face of the earth!!!

    It is irrelevant what Maryam Nawaz or whichever Nawaz did. They have nothing to do with Imran's U-Turns. When Imran was out there campaigning we all knew he can't do what he is promising. No Sheeda Tali - Sheeda Tali is in. Nobody from PTI will goto the assembly - Everyone was in the assembly...
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    The stupidity that is atheism

    Yaar you believe in a God. A Deity. If you can believe in that then you can pretty much believe in anything. Right from this start your bias starts. You try to explain things with this assumption. But in a fair discourse you cannot even begin from this assumption. But since I am a curious guy I...
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    ریحام خان نے عمران خان کو ’’مجبور وزیراعظم‘‘ قرار دے دیا

    If Marrying Reham Khan was a mistake that Imran made. And the numerous U-Turns are mistake correction that Imran keeps doing; it paints a picture of a man who knows what He wants, but has no clue how to go about getting it.
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    CPEC through Drone's Camera from Sukkar to Multan

    Hope. The quintessential human delusion.
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    Bakhtawar Uses Inappropriate Language About PM Imran Khan

    Imran Khan probably thought to himself, "To main phir inkaar samjhoon?" :P
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    ریحام خان نے عمران خان کو ’’مجبور وزیراعظم‘‘ قرار دے دیا

    Marrying her was one of Imran's U-turns. Going against the wishes of his sisters. Divorcing her was again Imran's U-turn. Marrying into the Maneka family was another of Imran's turns, lets see when he's going to u-turn on that? He has a pattern of marrying women and divorcing women.
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    PM Imran Khan takes aim at critics after being mocked for 'U-turn' remarks

    I wasn't a big fan of Imran Khan when he was in cricket. I am not a big fan of him after he made a cancer hospital. Good job on his part in collecting the funding for such a hospital. Imran Khan seems to be always cashing in on his reputation of being honest after his cricket career. But I...