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    ایٹمی پروگرام: سعودی عرب چین سے ملکر امریکا کے ساتھ ہاتھ کرگیا- شاہد مسعود

    Hmmm, Israel’s puppy is getting stronger, let’s see where China ends up.
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    Modi is trapped,Kashmir will be free | PM Imran Khan Speech in AJK Assembly

    is this a Pakistani forum, This appears Like too many Hindu nationalist are here, these 1.3 billion Surgical strikers are everywhere,.
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    PM Khan participates in Kashmir rally to express solidarity with Kashmiris

    The only reason why the world stays silent on Kashmir atrocities, it’s Muslims that are suffering, this is a very reason.
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    اقوام متحدہ نے بھارت کو دہشتگردی کا مرکز قراردے دیا

    Hum sub aik hain, aap bhee aloo ghost khatay hain aur hum bhee, hum aur aap aik hee khuda kou mantay hain, sirf aik lakeer humain judaa kerti hai. “Quaid-e-Azam sani “. LAKH DEE LAA’NAT
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    Qamar Zaman Kaira the sycophant

    I thought, after his son’s accidental death at very young age, kiara will repent, stop lying, but it’s all appears to be in his dna .
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    Beijing vows to retaliate after US demands the closure of Houston consulate

    It’s a last ditch efforts by trump to contest next elections on portraying China as an evil nation, joe Biden is 9 points ahead, not much time left to catchup, so let’s play on China issue. Trump is going to be history in November. China will forge ahead of USA.
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    Agree with DAWN, but why their sympathies are always with PML-N???

    “Dawn” is “Hindu“ in disguise, Not pro Indian, but pure Indian.
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    آئی ایم ایف بھی کورونا کیخلاف پاکستان کے اقدامات کا معترف

    w. Anti Pakistan group hazier houn aur iss thread main apna hissa dal ker, modi ka aasheerwaad hasil karain.
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    All is not well with Imran Khan as Pakistan’s PM Fumbled By Tilak Devasher

    new 50 posts clown has emerged, FYI all is not well with modi. Dawn/Hindu newspaper is what it says on the tin.
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    Why do Muslim states stay silent over China’s abuse of the Uighurs?

    this is all western propaganda, all Muslim countries know that there’s a issue with terrorism or terrorism mindset, and why America and India were in Afghanistan, China was the target as well, India was given a free hand to sponsor terrorism in Pakistan, they just couldn’t get to China.
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    UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov's father Abdulmanap dies 'from Covid-19

    First time I saw him in a documentary back in 2008/9 when he was training a group of young boys to keep them mentally positive, not to join the jahadi groups, Khabib was one of them kids. Rest in peace, may Allah have mercy on his soul Amen.
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    پی ٹی آئی حکومت آصف زرداری کو قتل کروانا چاہتی ہے- بلاول

    Yes, Asif Mandela is a very serious threat towards the existence of PTI.
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    قومی اسمبلی نے بجٹ 21-2020 منظور کر لیا

    Noon sleeper forward block zindabad