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    7 Years of Kpk government and Result??

    If you can refrain urself from personal comments it will be great. I do know what is a difference between fund allocation due to political preferences. I only posted this video so someone from government can take notice, KPK govt no doubt did very good things but the focus was always on...
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    7 Years of Kpk government and Result??

    High school is one of the concerns but main concern is winter weather. Minus 8 degrees and children either sit outside or on the cold floor in small rooms. I don't have any empirical data but in the past many female students who spent time sitting on these cold floors every day had difficulties...
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    7 Years of Kpk government and Result??

    Children studying with out class rooms in -8 degree. 3 teachers for 156 students. I am a PTI supporter but this is not acceptable.. please help to get the message to power corridors
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    Anger towards Emmanuel Macron grows in Muslim world - UK Guardian

    Seriously dislike your comment.
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    مجھے بزدل آدمی کی ضرورت نہیں، نوازشریف

    Bao jee of patwari gone mad... YouTube inqilabi
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    Govt plans to tap pockets of citizens overseas to boost reserves:Reza Baqir

    Bro don't generalise everyone with a same paint brush. Yes we are settled in western countries but every month we send good amount of money to support other family members. Also after reading this article I just submitted HBL Eroshan account application.
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    Malik Riaz money returned from UK. Shabash

    Businessman’s frozen £190 million UK assets returned to Pakistan National Crime Agency (NCA)’s international corruption unit restrained or detained £32 million; £146 million more were been confiscated or forfeited, of which £139 million were returned to developing countries, the NCA said in its...
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    Siasi meme...just for fun

    No hard feelings... hope this video bring smile ...
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    Agha Khan Hospital charged 17 lac Rs to a Corona patient for 13 days

    Ilaj sirf Agakhan hospital se hi karana hai magar fees jinnah hospital wali deni hai. Agar gloves ka issue hai too hospital ko sue kardoo. Sare Karachi ke Seth log isi jaga se ilaj karwate hai. Overseas me bhi private hospitals ka kharcha bahut ziada hai but govt. hospitals ka hal itna acha hai...
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    کیا ارطغرل پروپیگنڈا ہے؟

    Baat dramay ki horahi hai aur app ne khilafat se jor diya kuch samjh nahi ayia..... 5 season dekhne ke baad is baat ki ghawai desakta hu ke kisi bhi season me khilafat shuruh nahi hui....
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    نوشہروفیروز:احساس کفالت سینٹر میں امدادی رقم لینے آنے والی خواتین آپس میں گتھم گتھا ہوگئی

    Ajj kal sari buri khabrain Sindh se hi kiu aati hai.... Lagta hai akhir me tamam sobay sindh ke sath apni sarhaday band kardenge corona se bachne ke liye..
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    یہ رپورٹ آنی نہیں تھی، مجبوری میں لائی گئی - عارف حمید بھٹی

    جب پنامہ کا کیس چل رہا تھا اس وقت اس صحافی کی بونگیاں سن کر اس کا شو دیکھنا بند کردیا شکر ہیں ٹھیک فیصلہ کیا تھا۔
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    February: Pakistan Exports increased by 13.6%. Imports declined by 4%.

    Any source from last quarter???