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    مسجد القصیٰ کو آگ لگا دی گئی

    Muslim countries can at least do two things: 1: Stop Israel from using their air space. 2: Apply a trade embargo on the terrorist country.
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    Email- Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan

    My email was blocked. My subject was “Shame on You”.
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    کیا حکومت توہینِ عدالت کی مرتکب ہو رہی ہے؟

    This is not a legitimate judiciary. These judges should be hanged.
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    SC orders govt to determine price of oxygen cylinders within 2 days...

    How the hell these crooks can “order” anything they like. What’s their jurisdiction? They act like they are the king.
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    Lowest-Ranked Judiciary Calls Out Top-Ranked Pakistan Army | Dr Shahid .

    More of us need to join this type of conversation. IK, be brave. It’s time to speak up!
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    کسی کو زیب نہیں دیتا کہ وہ سرکاری افسران کی تذلیل کرے، چیف سیکرٹری

    Looks like IK needs to be a bit dictator. This nice and smooth democracy bull crap is not working.
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    CJ Qasim Gujjar giving Justice to English language

    The biggest mistake of IK is not taking on the judiciary from the very beginning. Judges shouldn’t be allowed to appoint other judges. Until this is corrected, we have no future.
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    کل فوج کے متعلق بیان پر چیف جسٹس لاہور ہائیکورٹ کی وضاحت

    IK needs to be a bit brave. These crook judges are cowards.
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    فیصلہ ، دو ، آٹھ ، سے ماننا چاہیئے تھا ، چھے ، چار سے کیسے مانا گیا؟

    He has not tried to pass anything. He does have a simple majority. If not in the senate, he can do it through the joint session. And what’s the legislation been done in Punjab? Unfortunately, the majority of our parliamentarians don’t know the abc of legislation.
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    Imran Khan Is Dubbang Leader and he is fighting against all corrupt Mafias

    We need a similar speech against the corrupt judiciary.
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    فیصلہ ، دو ، آٹھ ، سے ماننا چاہیئے تھا ، چھے ، چار سے کیسے مانا گیا؟

    It shouldn’t be a game. The government has the right to reform anything, including the judiciary, and IK is not doing it. He’s afraid of the crook judges. He should lead us like a lion and not like a chicken.
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    Mafia dons of courthouses & courtrooms must be curtailed.

    Just imagine how they asked IK for money trail and how they disqualified Jahangeer Tareen.
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    Mafia dons of courthouses & courtrooms must be curtailed.

    Kia tum halal ki kamai khatay ho?