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    اب تک مجھے یہی نہیں پتہ چلا میرا جرم کیا ہے؟ شاہد خاقان عباسی

    Haye. Kitna masoom hay hamara sabiq wazir-e-Azam. Haye iss Ada pay kaun na marjaye aay zaalim.
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    PTI preparing to celebrate birthday of Sikh Guru Nanak while Muslim Kashmir is burning

    This has been a good diplomatic move. On the one hand gaining more of already sympathetic Sikhs sympathy. That move will also alienate Sikhs from India, thinking that their own Sikh rights will be in jeopardy, if Indian Government crush Kashmiri struggle. Also Pakistan will get International...
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    ‎قوم لوط کا نیا جنم

    جناب قوم لوط کی خصوصیات بتاتے ھوے گدھانوشی کی صفت فراموش کرگئے. لیکن فکر کی بات نھیں عمران ایک بھاری پتھر ھے جو اس قوم لوط پر مسلسل برس رھا ھے اور ان کو سمندربرد کرکے ھی چھوڑے گا.
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    A possible action in relation to aggressive diplomacy.

    Although chances are big ZERO, Pakistan should take Kashmir issue to FATF and demand to put India on gray list. In early attempts Pakistan will definitely fail but India as it look, is going to start genocide or human right violations at mega level. A continuous resolution against India in all...
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    My crime is to stand against injustice; Maryam Nawaz's reply to NAB's questionnaire

    بی بی سوالوں کے جواب دے . ادھر ادھر کی مت ھانک .
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    Molana Fazal Ur Rehman summons all parties conference on August 19 over IOK situation

    اس سے نچلا نہیں بیٹھا جارھا
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    Aggressive Diplomacy on Kashmir. One suggestion.

    Q. Aggressive diplomacy for Kashmir is being discussed. What should be done in this regard. A. Government is doing many things in this regard. I have one suggestion. in all big / developed countries, they should purchase half an hour air time on their number one channel. That programme...
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    Kashmir. From a different angle.

    USA and USSR were war time allies and they won the biggest war in the recorded history together. They decided all post war matters relating to establishment of UNO, ICJ, IMF, division of east and west and other post war matters amicably. But at the same time conflict of ideology emerged and...
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    نیازی کی نحوست پاکستان کے بعد کشمیر بھی کھا گئی۔۔

    Niazi ki nahossat sirf SHER aur ZAR ko khaye gi. Itminan rakho aur jama khatir rakho.
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    Bakhtawar Bhutto (Zardari) is exposing KP by sharing the old picture of Board Bazar Peshawar...

    Bakhtawar B-Zardari Do you have any research cell or only DIS-INFORMATION cell to propagate absurdities. Be leader not the intern reporter of JANG.
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    We made a terrible mistake investing in Asif Ali Zardari: Khawaja Asif

    And India made a terrible mistake by investing in Nawaz Sharif.
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    60% of Participants at Imran Khan's Jalsa in Washington were Qadiani ? Molana Diesel claims

    And more then 90% of Fazlur Reman Jalsa were kids from religious academies.
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    Corrupt Fazal ur Rehman Should Be Arrested For Using Islam, Misguiding Madrissa Children For Political Gains

    Maulana Fazlur Rehman is proving himself Hasan e Sabah of 21st Centry. God saves Pakistan from this new creed of assassins.
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    Media Censorship

    Do Newspaper depend solely on advertisements. If it is so then, should they have any right to get published, if their model is to blackmail and get money. If their survival is based on blackmail not quality and substance that they should look for other business.