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    Protesters outraged over murder, rape of three minor boys; traders call for strike

    most probably, the murderer is also in these protesters.....
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    Garbage disposal: Mustafa Kamal accepts challenge of Karachi Mayor

    Baqi mulk mayn konsa Paris bana howa hay, we need to start a cleanliness drive along with creating awareness in public...
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    For reality see RAW spy Kulbhushan: DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor befitting reply to Shahrukh Khan

    I personally feel that they are promoting nationalism and they have a right to do it , the same way as we try it in our country. Best would have been not to reply him and not helping him promote the film/drama. I never heard of it but I know it too. Same will be the case with thousands others...
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    In Srinagar, First Visuals of Another Large Protest Against Modi's 370 Move

    I am a patriot Pakistani.... Don't label anyone opposing your views as Indian or jew agent... People like you even do not leave IK for being a jew agent and NS being an Indian agent.
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    In Srinagar, First Visuals of Another Large Protest Against Modi's 370 Move

    Aren't we getting more loyal to the king than the king himself? I mean the Kashmiris I know, are all very happy and most of them blame Pakistan for their problems, same as Afghans do. If talking reality is cowardliness, then let me be the coward. I mean if these few tens can get out to...
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    In Srinagar, First Visuals of Another Large Protest Against Modi's 370 Move

    Language check kar pahlay apni, aisi words use kerna meray liye bhi mushkil nhi lakin shayad meri aur teri tarbiyat mayn thora farq hay....
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    In Srinagar, First Visuals of Another Large Protest Against Modi's 370 Move

    to be honest the crowds in these visuals are too small to stir any effect on international level. For a state of 8 million, streets should be choked and protests should be registered in huge numbers so that international as well as Indian national establishment thinks about it. They can take an...
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    Former India FM Sushma Swaraj passes away at 67 after heart attack

    She was a good politician for her country and quite sharp in general as well. RIP ..
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    Aerial view of Lahore Jalsa and Shahbaz Sharif with his workers at Black Day Rally

    kafi log akhtay kar liye hayn by the way, itno ki umeed nhi thi...
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    To what extent will PM Imran Khan's US visit be successful? Nafeesa Shah responds

    WTF..... Someone must ask about their leader's visits and their outcome for the country.... These scumbags are so called highly literate and liberal face of the country and are still spitting this sort of BS.
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    Amir Mateen's analysis on Trump's offer on Kashmir dispute

    Trump k kehnay pay na jana.... Yeh salay sirf apna benefit ka sochtay hayn... Abhi bhi India nay foran iski tardeed kardi hay... Pakistan ko smartly khelna chayey, Us needs Pakistan right now...
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    US President accepts PM Imran khan's invitation to visit Pakistan, says Shah Mahmood Qureshi

    I do not like this from SMQ, they should not announce under-cooked stuff and later bring humiliation to PTI and Govt. Instead leave it to Trump administration to announce it, be proud of what you are and not try to portray yourself as someone begging or dying for a Trump visit.
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    انیس جولائی کو مریم صفدر کے ساتھ کیا ہو گا

    Kuch bhi nhi hona, saray milay hoay hayn, specially judiciary mayn bohat tattoo hayn noon kay...
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    Video scandal: Nasir Butt met Maryam Nawaz two days before press conference, Sources

    Jo bhi hay, Nasir Butt wutt mila hay ya nahi, sab baykaar hay, asal masla yeh hay k kiya Judge nay yeh baat ki hay? Agar ki hay tou kiyon ki hay, uski inquiry honi chayey...