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    Altaf hussain Shamefull remarks on Quaid e Azam, Noor ul Arfeen's shut up call to MQM cheif

    altaf bhai and gang were top bhangis sent from india
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    Indian Student Commits Suicide in Germany for Failing in Subjects! My MESSAGE to ALL the Students!

    Some universities are corrupt and some professors are crazy
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    What is similar in Ishaq Dar's and State Bank Policy. Govt must do something on urgent basis.

    state bank is run by IMF. all the money moving to IMF
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    German actress Leyla Dastan decides to move to Pakistan permanently

    khocha, hum isko naheen jantaa.
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    Inside Story | PTI and MQM delegation meeting in Karachi

    serve the nation for CIA.
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    جرمن نسل پرستی

    not all are like this.. most probably some mental person wrote that. dont take one example and try to put your agenda. have you ever been to Germany..if not don't create panic
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    یہ کوئی لنگر نہیں لگا ھوا،خیبرپختونخواہ میں آٹے کا مہنگا تھیلا خریدنے کے لئے لگی لائن ھے.

    the cabinet and top officers are appointed by other countries to control cpec and nuclear finances. what else would you expect
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    Hareem shah comes ahead with another color

    their voice is like of donkey
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    Suitable Career/Professional Options for someone with excellent public speaking/debating skills?

    car salesman, real estate agent/broker You could also talk to your local employment agency. I once went to the local job agency and registered myself as an artist. However, the job they offered me was a hairdresser in neu muenster.
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    60 died, 50 injured in Neelum valley but PTI Niazi enjoying life

    IMF has put its agents in the state bank and finance ministry. Imran was found to be writing to australian PM for loss in fires.
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    Mufti Abdul Qavi bhi hareem ki list me shamil

    after every need a molana for a halala
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    Federal govt decides to remove reservations of MQM-P

    all politicians are self serving, especially if you have debt to pay. Imran khan's hands are tied. IMF has placed its employees to keep a note of all CPEC activities. Saudi and other countries have given us loans to serve them. Why to blame Imran.
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    German Lover Got Married With Pakistani Man In Burewala

    scheinehe? German laws have become very strict.. She can use him for three years as a servant and dispose him and he will be heading back to burewala.