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    The story of two Awliya and their special pray to Allah Almighty. | Dr. Hassan Mohiuddin Qadri

    Please stop promoting such people who are just trying to earn their livelihood by twisting facts and using people’s religious beliefs. Pehlay baap nein maal banaya abh baita jansheen ki surat aye ga minhaj ul quran ka business chalanay......
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    مریم نواز کے خطرناک عزائم

    Who cares about convicted criminal? Stop promoting these criminals who are irrelevant for nation. The nation( excluded ignorant patwaris) has lost more things to care and worry.
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    Shehbaz Shareef U-Turn regarding suing Daily Mail

    If you do have logic then sense should prevail to keep record straight when “ per your claim if your master’s queen has issued statement in rebutal of Daily Mail’s story within hours” then who did force Showbaz shareef to make statement of dragging Daily mail in court followed by claim that...
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    Shehbaz Shareef U-Turn regarding suing Daily Mail

    Jo baat saray fasanay mein nahin uss pe daleel kiyun? Sawal to showbaz ke case na karnay ka hai and if his malika has said something in his favour then let showbaz almatoof Rangbaz plead that tussi “ khawajay da gawah Daddu“ kiyun banay ho? If he wont sue or win the case awam ka haath and...
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    Shehbaz Shareef U-Turn regarding suing Daily Mail

    May Allah SWT grant you mental health and restore your wisdom enablIng you to resume normal life. Hopefully then will you be able to distinguish by lies and solid claims of innocence by clan of political haramkhors who even did not spare poor, orphan and widows. May Allah bless you with complete...
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    Whats normal gas consumption?

    Too low perhaps your meter is tempered
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    Shehbaz Shareef U-Turn regarding suing Daily Mail

    Well said. You have summed it up.
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    Shehbaz Shareef U-Turn regarding suing Daily Mail

    Hello friends in Pakistan. Some of you have been asking for an update about the 25 July press statement by former CM Sharif that he was going to issue a legal notice to sue me and the Mail on Sunday over this article.
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    For Which Purpose NAB Amendment Ordinance 2019 Pass by Govt?

    To save corrupt but favorites
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    LHC adjourns Maryam Nawaz’s plea to remove her name from ECL till Dec 26

    I am unable to understand when convict Nawaz Shaheef has left only one day to surrender before SP jail what the hell this other convict Mariyam Safdar will do after going UK? Since 4 weeks suspension of sentence is going to be over tomorrow so he is required to return back to jail and Mariyam...
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    ویڈیو :مریم نواز والد کے ہمراہ ایئرپورٹ نہیں گئیں ؟

    Woh chawal iss liye nahin aaye so that she may release news that after departure of father she is suffering from severe depression and is suicidal if will nit be allowed to see her father she will loose her life then court will follow the her wish as command.
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    LHC issues written decision to remove Nawaz Sharif's name from ECL

    I am practicing attorney and know law and rules. The court has not finally disposed the application so govt will not technically get relief. However, other provisions regrading conduct of judges and shar clan can be assailed by pointing out that when affidavit of Shar bros were not signed how...
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    Sharif brothers submit affidavit in LHC

    Its another offence under Oath Act, unless deponent appears in person before the Oath Commissioner and after his die identification which is entered in register, maintained by Oath Commissioner, the contents are read by deponent before Oath Commissioner who in return verifies affidavit by...