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    سیالکوٹ واقعہ:وہ شخص سری لنکن منیجر کوبچانے کی کوشش کرتا رہا،ویڈیو

    I dont want to say his name as his life could be in danger but he is one brave man. Allah isko ajar de ga.
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    این اے 133 کے عوام کس کے ساتھ کھڑے ہیں؟حبیب اکرم کا حلقے کا سروے

    PTI only have themselves to blame , imran khan handpicked a jewel in buzdar and made him chief minister. Same old geezers like sheikh rasheed and shokat tarin have been given important jobs and still we are expecting pakistan to somehow go forward. The goons will find their way into the...
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    Famous youtuber is again defending TLP!!!

    Anyone who is supporting TLP even a little bit is enemy of pakistan. Jo bhi ho.
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    "ECP will have a final say if they want to use EVM not the Gov" AGP.

    Can ECP really go against the law? It is yet to be seen and the chances of happening that are minimal.
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    مینجر کو فیکٹری کے اندر ہی مار دیا گیا تھا، 13 مرکزی ملزم گرفتار:حسان خاور

    Any kind of smile exchange and handshake with TLP is beyond humanity.
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    ای وی ایم پر انتخاب ہوا تو مشینوں کو ہی آگ لگا دینگے' رانا ثناء اللہ'

    No different from TLP goons , will do anything for what they want.
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    من سب نبیا فاقتلوہ

    Ofcourse , thats why its a whole method of tadlees and unn is used to filter our zaeef and false ahadith. Without sahih ahadith we wouldnt even know tariqa of namaz. "Beshak Tumhare Liye Rasool Kareem (SAW) Ki Zaat Main Behtreen Namoona Majood Hai." (Surah Al ahzab 21)
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    سیالکوٹ واقعہ پر وزیر اعظم عمران خان کا سخت ردعمل،بڑا اعلان کر دیا

    Not true , orya doesnt even know full details of what happened there. You think any owner would be so stupid to kill his industry like that? Last year they took big order from hugo boss and its one of the best factory of pakistan which huge number of clients.
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    من سب نبیا فاقتلوہ

    Ofcourse its a zaeef hadith , even the ones who included it in the book didnt call it sahih or even ahsan. Later investigation proved it to be 100 percent false. Imam bukhari and imam bukhari spent their whole lives collecting ahadith and went deep into the origins and authenticity. There is...
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    Challenge to All TLP supporters!

    Youtube has blasphemous content and they have refused to remove it even after several requests. As you are ready to go to any lengths for your cause , why not only burn down your android phones which is powered by google and google owns youtube. Delete all your gmail accounts as its also powered...
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    سیالکوٹ واقعہ کا مرکزی ملزم فرحان ادریس گرفتار

    I was wrong when i advocated that government gave in to TLP to avoid further bloodshed. The government should not have bent down that day , TLP is not kaladam anymore and they know that government is coward. The TLP is on the loose , they can do anything. They will kill anyone who wont allow...
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    من سب نبیا فاقتلوہ

    Youtube per TLP wale buhat videos charhate hen kya unhen maloom nahin ke blasohemous content mojood hai youtube per? Apne android phones jala kiun nahin dete ke google powered hai sara aur youtube google ki hai.
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    من سب نبیا فاقتلوہ

    Ye hadith bhi zaeef hai , especially is ke baad jo ashab ka zikar hai wo kahin se bhee kisi bhi hadith se compatible nahin he.
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    سری لنکن منیجر نے کیا گستاخی کی تھی؟سنئے ہجوم میں شامل نوجوانوں سے

    Ye hadith bhi zaeef hai , especially jo part ashab ke mutalliq hai wo kisi bhi terha islamic taleemat se compatible nahin hai.
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    من سب نبیا فاقتلوہ A very thorough article.