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    'Oops! Gori admits being a paid ISPR Propagandist

    Congratulations on getting hired for Maryam Safdar's media cell. She will be dealing with mindless corrupt people like you from her.........jail cell LOL!!
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    Asif Zardari was not allowed to offer Eid prayer - Aseefa and Bakhtawar

    Its just the begining. He will not be celebrating any Eid at home anymore. Ask Riaz Malik for qurbani meat. LOL!!
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    لاڑکانہ میں ایڈز سے متاثرہ افراد کی تعداد 85 ہو گئی ‏

    No Worries! Just one English speech by Bilwal will cure all these AIDS patients in Sind. Because Bhutto abhi bhi zinda hey.
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    China is my enemy

    Another Indian paid posting. ? Please go and publish a newspaper like Dawn. A total fraud with anti-Pakistan agenda. For same people every morning and evening were spend worrying about Nawaz' health as if he is dying. Now and then they pop these shosha against China. Get your checks from...
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    Hanif Abbasi is very honest and a gentleman guy - Najam Sethi

    And I am as rich as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet ..... COMBINED!!! What kind of channel allows someone to say this about a convicted drug dealer?
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    Sheikh Rasheed is scared of Bilawal Zardari's Train march - Arif Nizami

    Looks like Nizami got the payment for this month from Maryam Safdar. He had to say something to demean PTI govt member or its allies.
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    Nawaz Sharif unwell with continuous angina - Maryam Nawaz

    NS should NOT have eaten Nehari and Paya and whatevery fat laden food he ate all his life. Start eating healthy including lots of greens and vegetable and refrain from carb such as naan chapati etc. and he will be fine. Watch Michael Mosely BBC documentary on YouTube. Science has proven that...
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    Nawaz Sharif Ko Bahir Bhaija Jaye - Mujeeb-u-Rehman Shami

    Why do Nawaz Sharif wants to go to UK hospitals? They could not save his wife. She died in UK hospital. Stay in Pak Mr. 3 time Prime Minister also knows as Behri Qazaq by a UK newspaper.
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    Namaz Offered in National Assembly for the first time in Parliament History

    Now do Ishraq, Chasht and Tahjjud also in "Parlee-munt". Since it's for showing off, they should go all the way.
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    Namaz Offered in National Assembly for the first time in Parliament History

    Can you pray in the bathroom? I didn't know that.
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    Arnub Gowswami's show becomes Fish market, Indian media & politicans have gone bonkers after Pak shot down two Indian planes

    I think mohalley ki auntian bhi lartey waqt itna shor nahi kartein jitna inn logoon ney shor kia hoa hey. Btw where is a woman politician in this show? Hard to find one.
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    Siddique Jan taunts Ammar Masood & Matiullah Jan on Nawaz Sharif's Bail Rejection

    Siddique Jaan, keep up the good work. You are an amazing guy!
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    Punch Modi Challange

    They are better off saving their energy and vote him out of the office in coming elections. That will be a shhweeeeeet revenge.
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    Slovenia MP resigns for stealing sandwich ...... Pundits of Democracy, Please Read

    Amazingly Slovenia mein Jamhooriat Khatrey mein nahi parri.