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    Turkey, Malaysia sign pacts on defense, technology during Erdoğan's visit

    It's true and Sad, I think if IK had the option, he would have definately gone. IK is taking all blame on him only for the sake of his country. It's not Oil only, Saudis would have said to deport all Pakistanis working there. But having been black mailed for so many years, we the people will...
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    Imran Khan's nephew identified leading Lawyer's attack on PIC [video added]

    Bhai, AAP nay Agar khud dekha Hai to theek Hai warna JHOOTI GAWAAHI per QURAN say rehnumaai lay lain
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    Business ideas in Canada (only people from Canada)

    Anyways Fawad sahib, i dont know what got you offended so much. I Understand the economic situation is not good in canada. You asked a question and i tried to awnser it with best of my knowledge.
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    Business ideas in Canada (only people from Canada)

    i would advise not to invest in trucking industry unless you have a licence and driving experience in trucking industry. Though you will meet many people ,who will persuade you to put a truck in their company and you can earn 4 to 5 grands, but it wont work. my advice would be get a licence and...
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    Military's clever encroachment into civil administration

    Bhai Capt or Flt Lt barely serve five to six years and then they opt out. They are NAAM Kay retired only .lols, don't be afraid, on the other hand if IK bring in service ARMY OFFICERS that would be great.
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    Tomato price hits record high at Rs400 a kilo in Karachi

    Knowledge Bhai, who cares let the tomatoes be 5000 rs kilo, let the people suffer , so they stand up against this system .
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    صرف عمران نیازی سے نہیں، قمر باجوہ سے بھی استعفیٰ لو۔

    Bhai MUSHARAF ko to Inn siasat daanon nay guard of honour day kar rukhsat Kar Diya that. My only point is why we fight on that Army is bad or politician is bad. Why don't we support the right person. Wether he is a politician or a general
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    صرف عمران نیازی سے نہیں، قمر باجوہ سے بھی استعفیٰ لو۔

    arey Rashid bhai, aap itnay jazbaati kyun ho jatey hain. Dunya main koi bhi establishment internet aur smart phones per resign nahi karti, Haan lakin internet aur phone kar ziriaye say RESIGN lay zaroor laiti hai. Aap dekhain gay Maulana sahib thora buhat shor machanay kay aur kuch banday...
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    صرف عمران نیازی سے نہیں، قمر باجوہ سے بھی استعفیٰ لو۔

    lols, Rashid bhai, jaisey nawaz shareef nay MUSHARAF say liya tha. ?
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    مولانا کا اصل ایجنڈا؟

    Bhai iss post per HAMID MIR per Lanat Aur tabbaray Kay siwa Koi comment NAHI kar sakta
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    From Prime Minister's Resignation to 600 Toilets | Listen Siddique Jan

    bhai WNN, where did he said that there is difference between IK and BAJWA?, another JHOOTA PROPOGANDA. SHAME
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    اور فضل الرحمٰن کے مارچ سے پہلے نواز شریف کے پلیٹ لٹس گر گئے۔۔

    waisey Rashid bhai, iss dramay kay best end yeh hai kay NAWAZ SHARIF AUR ZARDAARI KI ACHANAK MAUT HO JAYE, aur marayam ko ALZAIMERS. Baaqi maulana sahib ki koi fiqr nahi, kashmir comittiee unhain day dain. Phir dekhiyay gaa PAKISTAN kitni jaldi aagay jaye gaa.
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    آزادی مارچ سے نمٹنے کی تیاریاں جاری

    ARAY, ALLAH ka khauf karain BOOTA BHAI. Yeh siasat aur party baazi to yahin rah jaye gee, Maut kay baad ALLAH ko kia jawab dain gay? kaey main IMRAN KHAN say itni nafrat karta tha aur GAY bun gaya.