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    Sindh government’s Rs800 billion package for Karachi (PTI fraud exposed)

    haha new PROPOGANDA PAID GROUP has ariived as reported by news channels few days ago. bhai pehlay apna PACKAGE batain, phir PTI waalay jawaab dain gay.
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    چھوٹا سا لمبا سفر

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    freedom has no price, it is a precious possession, beautiful words by Zia

    vitamin C bhai, kuch khuda ka khauf karain, ZIA was a great man and charlie was a looser.
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    میں نے جہانگیر ترین سے کہا ہے پاکستان واپس مت آؤ- ہارون رشید

    then he says i am not LIFAFA, supporting the sugar MAFIA
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    کیا عزیز بلوچ مر چکا ہے

    Bus Shatranj Bhai, Allah SABR karnay waalon kay saath hai.
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    کیا عزیز بلوچ مر چکا ہے

    Bhai Shatranj, bus Thora intizaar aur Kar lain. Lagta hai Allah nay NAWAZ CHOR AUR ZARDAARI DAAKO Ki rassi daraz karna khatam Kar di hi. AB yeh kaisay ho ha, Allah hi behtar jaanata hai
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    Corrupt Mafia Makes So Much Money From Govt Depts, Easy To Waste On Mujra’s

    waisay aik baat hai , bara tehzeeb wala mujra tha, aaj kal kay standards per, lols
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    بالآخر صدیق جان بھی حکومت اور عدلیہ پر برس پڑا

    I agree with you, but KHANs problem is if he decides to break assemblies at this moment and call for new elections, ESTABLISHMENT, JUDICIARY, will never let him win next elections. That's why in 2018 election 18 seat results were changed at the last moment to keep KHAN in check and make him...
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    بالآخر صدیق جان بھی حکومت اور عدلیہ پر برس پڑا

    Judiciary plus Establishment should correct its path, God Forbid country is going towards anarchy
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    ‏اسٹبلشمنٹ کو سیاسی ہونے کا تاثر ختم کرنا ہو گا،سینیٹر سراج الحق

    YAAR plz iss aadmi kay naam kay saath SENATOR na likha jaye balkay PTI ka maangay taangay ka SENATOR likha jaye.
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    Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear facilities according to an Indian channel

    ISRAEL will never hurt IRAN, period. what ever they say on political scene is different but inwards they are partners. thats my opinion , no secterian bias in this. just an honest opinion looking at the last two decades history.