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    Dirty Games of Establishment

    Plus, pti was clean sweeping Lahore except one seat (hamza shahbaz) but they were allowed to do whatever they liked... thanks to our establishment. Have you noticed that whenever these crooks come to power why they get 2/3rd majority?
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    Dirty Games of Establishment

    These too were given to them purposely to keep IK in check...
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    Dirty Games of Establishment

    Ditto, same goes for me.
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    Rauf Klasra has taken off the gloves after baring it all in Public!!!

    Sharamnaak kirdaar... aur ye tv pe baith k sab ko bhashan deta hey... corruption scandals etc., what about your own scandal mr.? Shamelessly avoiding the tough questions by giving examples like others are also corrupt. Give answer you ba*tard.
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    Rauf Klasra Wife Services to Yousuf Raza

    I also don’t like klasra for obvious reasons BUT please guys don’t hit below the belt.
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    ‏اگرمورل بنیادوں پر الیکشن ہوتا تو عمران خان کاوزیراعظم بننامشکل ہوتا - روف

    Don’t know why they use pro-IK video thumbnails? To get max views or max swearings? 😀
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    ضمنی انتخابات میں دھاندلی کس جماعت نے کی؟ سنیے رؤوف کلاسرا سے

    Guess who’s responsible for rigging according to kalasra? Easy.... pti 😀😀
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    براڈشیٹ حقائق پر اوریا مقبول جان اور افتخاراحمد میں بحث

    Iftikhar namak halali kertey huey 😀 (remember: parks and horticulture authority chairmanship)
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    اپوزیشن کو سگنل مل گیاہے کہ عمران خان اور اسٹیبلشمنٹ ایک پیج پر نہیں۔کلاسرا

    Begh**rat is trying to save mafia parties from breaking up by giving false impressions. 😡
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    Conspiracy ready to remove Imran Khan - Sabir Shakir's Vlog

    Sabir shakir is another Dr shahid masood in the making ?
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    Great city and lovely people ♥
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    Please Stop calling Shaheed to Bhutto family

    Couldn’t agree more (y)