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    UK’s credit agency increases financing limit to Pakistan

    aisi khabren dekh k media k kafi journalists ki benai chali jati h
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    Policing of Police/Judicial Policing is important as well

    Excellent suggestion of Ashir Azeem on Police and Judicial reforms:
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    Khuda Naraz Hai - 😥

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    Good news for the people of Rawalpindi

    ring roads are a good thing to lessen traffic flows in cities.
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    Digital Transformation of KP...

    Great endeavours, Allah kamyabi dain. Ameen
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    Pak, Russia likely to decide fate of North South Gas Pipeline Next Month

    Sources also informed that the Petroleum Division had proposed three financing options for the NSGP project which includes full funding of NSGP through the Rs418 billion already collected under Gas Infrastructure Development Surcharge (GIDS) without Russian financing or the apportionment of...
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    وہ خبر جس کا تقریباً میڈیا بلیک آوٹ کردیا گیا

    9.5 billion de rha h ye choor, pta ni ktny harap kr gya hoga. Plea bargain amount ki koi minium limit hoti h like any % of the original amount ?