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    Fresh Saudi airstrike kills nearly dozen civilians in northern Yemen

    I see halal bombs strike again. Yemenis should be grateful that House of Saud considered them worthy of such "attention"
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    Masha Allah...Erdogan reopens Hagia Sophia for Prayers ..۔

    yeah, what proud moment it must be of seizing other's religious places through colonization.
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    It's Free for All in California and Washington!!! - Looting and plundering

    Unless you own a target or a cheesecake factory, the looting shouldn't really be an issue for you. Most of these companies exploit their workers and do far more harm to their community than any "harm" that these corporations are suffering via "looting".
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    Ertugrul Could Create Extremists

    Yeah, this is very Islamophobic and frankly dehumanizing. As if Pakistani Muslims are sitting around just waiting for the tiniest nudge to become terrorists. As if everyone is a terrorist in waiting who cant be exposed to certain things in fear that it will bring their "true" nature of extremism...
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    Malik Riaz's daughter abusing and beating Uzma Khan and Huma Khan

    The lady didnt do it because she is a woman scorned. She did it because she is drunk on power and she can get away with it. You think a mochi's daughter will be able to do this to someone else so fearlessly? This is just abuse of your power and not karma.
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    پاکستان سٹاک مارکیٹ میں تیزی کا رحجان، 34 ہزار کی نفسیاتی حد بحال ہوگئی

    Always great to see that people who can afford to buy stocks are doing better.
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    Husband Nasha Krta h Koi Kam Nahi Karta Islye Ma khud Kam Karti hn 5 Betian hain

    It has nothing to do with liberalism or feminism. Such a person should not be allowed near your kids at all. We wouldnt let our kids befriend a drug addict because they are bad influence and may harm our kids so why should we let a drug addict live under the same roof as their kids. That is a...
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    How does the vaccine work? Explained by Bill Gates

    Bill Gates is not an expert on this matter. He should know not to give fodder to conspiracy theorists who already have an issue with his credibility on this topic. He should stop trying to bask in attention he doesnt need and give platform to the specialists who expert in this field instead.
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    ماشااللّٰہ۔۔۔میرا ٹیسٹ اب نیگیٹیو آیا۔۔

    I am glad to hear of your recovery. Stay safe and healthy. :)
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    پاکستان میں بچوں سے زیادتی اور ریپ میں اضافے کی اصل وجہ

    yeah because married men never commit sexual violence. no need to make excuses for these barbarians.
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    Coronavirus Deaths Surpass 200, US urges against travel to China

    Roughly 25000 people have died in America due to flu virus in just last 4 months. I would sit this one out if I was America and do some self examination to take better care of my own people instead.
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    Geert Wilders revives contest for cartoons that insult Prophet Muhammad PBUH

    He is just a petty man trying to stay relevant. Ignore his shenanigans. No need to give him more fodder to do his propaganda.
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    Young Indians are on the street. Run Modi Run

    yes, maybe all those hot takes of "students participating in politics are bad and should just focus on their studies" from a few weeks ago were quite bad.