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    Is Imran Khan Really Resigning Gracefully ??

    yes, billo khusri will be the PM
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    What If the Arabian Empire Reunited Today?

    nightmare for you sanghis
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    Indians want Tandav lol

    Tum manhoos indian tu apna moo khud hee kala ker rahay hoo. Sanghi filth!
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    Could not find this heart touching tweet of Hussain Nawaz in his twitter account...

    Hussain nawaz’s account is not verified so this snapshot of his tweet could be fake
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    DG Khan: PTI leader succumbs to wounds after getting shot

    It’s DG Khan and not DI Khan
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    Pakistani nikly " LAL Mohan " ky dewany! Recipe for all

    Hahaha...FYI Ghulab jaman are mughlai cuisine and not an invention of you gobber gobblers
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    Pakistani nikly " LAL Mohan " ky dewany! Recipe for all

    Selling your hindutva crap even on ghulab jaman
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    Indian Driverless vehicle tested no accidents reported :)

    its india, you can see the hindi written on advertisement boards
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    IK next move towards peace with India

    It’s election season and BJP can’t afford diplomacy or peace talks with Pakistan, IK should wait for the elections to be over there
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    Reality of Muslim Shinning India

    just to be fair, there are similar slums in pakistan too.
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    Why we show this disgraceful thing on National TV?

    whats disgraceful in it? dont watch if you cant see someone dance
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    Kailay walay buchay ka jhoot pakra gia- Detailed Story with facts

    Pmln, the face of "enlightened" resistance, is shilling for TLP miscreants now
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    Ulama Rejected Supreme court decision on Asia Bibi blasphemy case and Government point of view

    I envy how easily the Saudis leashed their mullahs
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    Beware! Indians are making Facebook, WhatsApp group in the name of Pakistanis

    On twitter there an army of Indians pretending to be Pakistani and support certain politcial parties and movement, it’s not hard to spot by the language they use