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    Pakistani Home Appliance Makers Begin Exports to EU and African Countries

    Tum bus yeh karo k apny dimagh pe zor na do. Tumhen Dawlance/PTI government men farq tou pta nahi hai. Ek third-party independent website ka interview bhi fake lagta hai. Pehly hi 45% dimagh waly ho tum, mazeed koi masla na hojae. Mat socho zyada.
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    Govt considers calling joint parliament session over current tensed situation in IOK

    You must be very smart. How many years of foreign affairs experience do you have?
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    PM Imran Khan to address the nation on completing one year in office

    Itni takleef hai tum patwariyon ko, bohat maza ata hai dekh k :D "Men inko rulaunga" :D
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    Faisal Vawda's prediction proves true for Senate chairman Sadiq Sanjrani

    Or it's the evidence that PML(n) and PPP senators also don't have any trust on their so-called family leadership and their stupid decisions. Jahan haar jao wahin rona shru kar dety hain jesy 10 saal k bachy gully cricket khel rahy hon.
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    NAB application against Maryam Nawaz dismissed

    These are 2 separate cases: the first one (in which she was sentences for 7 years) was for wrongly assisting the accused (NS). During that trial, Supreme Court wrote in its decision that if anyone submits fake documents, that will be treated as a separate case. This particular (2nd) case is...
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    Govt’s Current Account Deficit Reduction in FY19 Was More Than the IMF Bailout Package

    Also, exports have increased in terms of volumes. The monetary value of those exports didn't show much difference because of the devaluation of PKR, but the volume of exports did increase quite reasonably.
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    CCTV Picture of Judge Arshad Malik meeting Nasir Butt in his office

    "Wrongfully convicted" -- Does it mean that NS had provided the complete money trail? They kept saying k "record bohat purana hai, available nahi hai" after NS had claimed in Parliament k "huzoor, yeh hain wo zaraae." And all the high-court and supreme court judges were also bought, I believe...
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    Maryam Nawaz ko judiciary ko scandalize kerne main 6 mah ki saza ho sakhti hai - Farogh Naseem

    PML-N k supporters ki zindagi men bus rona hi reh gya hai ab :D
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    Forensic expert Muhammad Bilal Khan analysis on Judge Arshad Malik's leaked video

    Yeah, exactly. I think, being frustrated for so long coupled with a lack of basic common sense, they messed up big time. I don't see MS walking out of this unharmed. I mean, the judge literally reads 'etc' in the video. Why would he do that unless he is reading verbatim from the document? So...
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    Senior journalist takes up questions on Maryam's alleged video credibility

    This guy raised some very valid questions. The 'etc' thing is dubious at best. Why would a person say 'etc' unless he is reading verbatim from a document? Is that the flagship case he was reading at that time, and now it is being presented as if that's the Al-Azizya case? Investigation...
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    Forensic expert Muhammad Bilal Khan analysis on Judge Arshad Malik's leaked video

    The first thing the courts will demand is the unedited version of the video and audio. If that turns out to be different, Maryam Nawaz can be convicted up to 14 years in jail for presenting fake evidences and manipulating a case.
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    جج ارشد ملک کی مبینہ ویڈیو لیک

    I don't get it. 1. Disqualification Iqama pe kiya tha Nawaz Sharif ko. Iqama pe saza nahi hui thi. 2. Baad men jo saza hui hia, woh Avenfield corruption case pe hui. In 2 cheezon ko mix kyun kiya ja raha hai? Am I missing something here?
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    Watch some interesting videos of Plmn Senator Tanveer with 6000 Canal Benami Lands

    Yes, exactly! I've been calculating this since yesterday. It amounts to 3,000,000 square yards. Most people live in houses of 120 and 240 square yards homes (upper middle class). And this is just one portion of 3,000,000 square yards! And then people still believe PML(n) didn't do any corruption!
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    "Paa ji mein dil da mareez haan" says a PMLn supporter to police on raid

    What?! That's not democracy. Democracy doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want to do. Democracy simply means that everyone gets a right to vote, and then either them or their elected representatives pick the Chief Executive/PM/President of the country. You can't abuse the word...