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    شہباز شریف قطر نہ جا سکے، ایئر لائن نے آف لوڈ کر دیا

    I can't believe that he got permission to go abroad as he took responsibilty of NS and he is not coming back.
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    Look at this guy bashing IK

    I do agree auditing all the journalists does not matter pro PTI, PPP. PLMN OR establishment.
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    10 Judges who wrote the decision for and against Faez Isa...

    From this decision, I am gone from reluctant to 100% sure that I would be supporting IK in future. Does not matter what state are we in the curroption needs to be finished in all areas specially in law enforcement departments.
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    آرمی چیف کو یوٹیوب پر سب سے زیادہ صدیق جان پسند ہے

    I do like siddiqui Jan the biggest reason is that i want to know the first hand information of what's happening in courts and paiment. But from few months I feel like that he is becoming like Rauf kalasra ( I hope not). There are a lot of people who just want to hear unbaised no masala current...
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    سستے رمضان بازاروں میں چوتھے روز بھی چینی کے لیے روزہ داروں کی لمبی قطاریں

    My apology if I am going away from the topic but what I can't under stand, why the hell is our suger intake is so high in normal house hold. Most of countries I visited hardly uses suger in teas, coffee and squshs also our trend of feeding kids a big spoon of sugar in their milk🍼 every time...
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    اس حکومت کے پاس کوئی پلاننگ کوئی ویژن نہیں

    What's it to do with plans. Even the most developed countries change plans and tactics. Its not asmani kitab that can't be change, if the government think the way they are doing is not working then they should definately comes up with different plan.
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    Ashir Azeem with a brilliant idea on society change.

    He is right about Army holding the top ranks in Rangers but no option if we leave it civil armed forces then the conditions will he like police. Until our civil/beuricrasy is not on right track leave rangers on army. I prefer to put few more departments under milatry stablishment atleast kuch...
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    PAF Falcon Housing Society Incident

    Why dint any one catch him, what sort of security it was. 😠.
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    موجودہ صورتحال پر حامد میر صاحب کا ممکنہ تجزیہ

    Siddiqui Jan hamid mir ko marta nahin bhaga bhaga kar marta Hay aur paani bhi nahi Poochta 😁. Khal karo meray bhai senior Hay. I love it when SJ says that he is doing PHD on hamid mir.
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    Make sure Long March pays the Toll Charges!

    If the vehicles coming in different time then yes I agree but rally should be cleared ASAP and open the barriers for them other wise normal people will be suffering. They will try to make a scene as well. It's my opinion respected members can differ.
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    عورت مارچ کیوں ضروری ، تنقید کیوں ! شاہزیب خانزادہ

    Demands are mostly right but organizers should make sure that there should not be vaulgaur play cards and un ethical activities.
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    مجیب الرحمان شامی سعدرسول پر سیخ پا، غداری کی کاروائی کا عندیہ؟

    What a illogical talk. Dastoor is not asmani saheefa and can be change.
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    نیازی دوسرا الطاف حسین بنے گا

    He is a little like Altaf Hussain, when Altaf was a croud puller in his early life of politics nothing else but current situation of nawaz is same like Altaf sitting outside the country and abusing Pakistan on YouTube channels.
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    احسن اقبال کو جوتا پڑ گیا

    I don't agree on throwing shoe on any one but why do they need to do press conference when they know that PTI supporters coming there.