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    PTIVotes is NOT a PTI run Website?

    According to Dr. Arif Alvi. Dear Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Members, A.A. Please don't put any personal details such as your Name, CNIC # or any other details on this web site . This is scam from MQM and it's been viral to all our PTI Members to get your information...
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    سونامی کی لہر تحریک انصاف

    Whether this news is correct or not. Let me remind you Ghulam Ahmed Bilur NA 1 lost his seat first time against Imran Khan and what happened with Haneef Abbasi in NA56. This not 1997 or 2002 this is 2013.
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    how can PTI penetrate in rural areas of Punjab??

    Your idea is good but it's implementation is not easy. Do you think these waderas and badmashs will allow them to do these work in their areas. But we are hopeful. INSHA ALLAH one day they have face the truth.
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    Na 121 - 10 vote casted for PTI from my family one will be done sooner.

    I am from NA 121 Sabzazar Lahore. Unfortunately I couldn't go there for vote, but my family and other relatives are casting vote for "BAT" What is the current situation there?
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    Pakistani Passport Validity Extended to 10 Years

    Pakistani passport validity extended to 10 years Dubai: Pakistani expatriates in the UAE are rejoiced over their governments decision to extend the validity period of their passports from five to 10 years. According to new rule, the passports issued after September 15 will be valid for 10...
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    "Nawaz sharif took picture with the wrong girls in a hurry" - Fauzia Kasuri

    Watch this video 29:00 onwards with your open eyes, which girls Fouzia Kasoori talking about. <font size="4"><strong>
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    Cutting Nail

    You have not answered my questions. I have read all references, but there is no clear reference from Hadith regarding this SUNNET. In your reference, it is mentioned There is no sequence has been mentioned for feet nail trimming.
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    Democratic Prime Minister of 18 Million PEOPLE of Pakistan is CHARGED .........

    Re: Gillani did what Sharifs couldnt This is because of "AZAD MEDIA", otherwise both are same.
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    Cutting Nail

    The references you have given are not satisfactory. Please read highlighted word of references. Are these Ahadeeth Books? Sunnet can only be proved from Hadith...
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    This is Inqilaab!!!

    Kabhi nawaz sharif nay khud bhi yahan say elaj karwa hai, in ko tu khansi bhi aa jaye to London chalay jatay hain.............
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    Shahbaz Sharif and Ch. Nisar with Musharaf Team

    Re: jamaat al munafakooon
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    Rana SanaUllah Making Jokes about Hazrat Umar's (R.A) Qoul

    Re: AFter Hanif Abbasi, Rana Sanaullah is LOTA too!!!
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    Tehreek e Insaaf Ki Auqat ab Samnay Aa Rahi,must read

    Re: Has Imran Khan gained by taking old faces? Don't you worry, he is not interested in Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif.