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    Former CJ ordered Nawaz jailed because institutions wanted Imran in power

    "Nani Productions" working over time and in full swing before appeals..! 😉🤣👎 Btw.....the so-called "forensics" only state "no tampering.." Well... I make dozens of such "un-tampered" WhatsApp VM's daily.. It's ME speaking.. No tampering.. 🤣 How can so-called "forensics" state/prove that...
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    Can The Govt Sack ECP Chairman For Delaying and Not Using EVM Machines?

    No matter what, ECP cannot ignore /refuse the legislation which was for "next" elections.. There's time enough to overcome their hurdles.. The ECP head will have a tough time now and will be publicly declared with disgrace if he opposes things beyond logic/sense.. The Bill has spoken.. And...
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    Sheikh Rashid had said DG ISI decision would be announced before Friday

    Have read whole long threads and there's nothing of essence. Patwaaris are burning and desperately need Burnol. PTI supporters also not coming to terms with the ACTUAL things behind the current impasse.. To be brief : MBS and IK have two things in common: 1. No lift From Biden 2. Anti...
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    General Collin Powell rule in illegally invading Iraq was woeful.

    Dog entering hell..! I can't forget how rude he was to French FM during that UN meeting and in the aftermath.. Vindicating an evil Iraq invasion..! Rot in Hell!
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    Will cut a deal with TTP in return for Sparing Punjab - Shahbaz Sharif

    Everyone here is up to comparing Patwari clan vs IK.... Leave that.. The decision to cut deal with TTP is beyond all that crap.. It's actually PREEMPTION of next US/INDIA plan.. Be analytical and get the facts right.. Why would US Deputy Minister of state just today ask for Pak action...
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    Maryum Nawaz as politician

    Read only half of your post, as even that was wasted on a non-starter! A birds brains she has.. Her only "fuel" is hatred for the man who undid the whole gang of thieves with a single sweep! If donkey-heads saw her real morning picture without the ton of powder, many a hearts would break...
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    Need prayers for Qazi Faez Isa

    I'm amazed how people lose their dignity, to such an extent that even during this time, I see no well wishers! Even patwaari clan is absent. But what can they come and say here? .. : "Plz Qazi Sahib, you were a very clean and just person, you believed in upholding law and we counted on you...
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    Khan's ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith hits out at Maryam. SKY NEWS UK

    Monkey shit....nothing "horse" plz.. Would be a blessing.. 😉
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    Fight Between PDM | Actual Reason for the Quarrel | Inside Story .

    Very to the point analysis as usual.. MS Calibri in shambles..!😏😂
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    Pro-Trump protests in DC: تہذیب نے پھر اپنے درِندوں کو اُبھارا

    He did more for ISRAEL in his last months of office, than any US president ever before... If had won this time, the world would have seen his true spirit in 2.nd term.....
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    WhatsApp resignations.

    Very well said.... The more you call an idiot stupid and dumb, the more idiocracy he/she does....that's the hallmark of an idiot actually... She just today screwed up Chacha ji's dialogue dreams also...!.. PMIK couldn't have wished for a more stupid she's driven by...
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    تیسرا فریق جو درد دل رکھتا ہو سامنے آکر تصادم کو رکوانا چاہیے - سہیل ورائچ

    Second... This nation has been used to voting either one or another of these two... Now.... Why the heck would people vote for them on one platform.... Lol!
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    تیسرا فریق جو درد دل رکھتا ہو سامنے آکر تصادم کو رکوانا چاہیے - سہیل ورائچ

    Why? Why should Govt give a damn? Do your damned long march.... Which... Seems will be a health March only... 😉 And... Give your resignations plz... Plz... Plz....! Kitne bees ka sau hota hai, pata chal jayega tum laantio ko....!
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    جسٹس کھوسہ نے عمران خان کی مدد کی اور فکسڈ میچ پر نواز شریف کو باہر نکالا

    The usual bullcrap... Nothing of essence... Couldn't help laughing when she pointed a finger and thanked the : "DOOR DOOR baithne waaleo"! 🤣👎 And that Ground is filled to peaks and even outside... 🤣🤣🤣 The entire outer sphere is empty...
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    آج پی ڈی ایم عوام کی کال پر نکلی ہے ، مریم نواز

    She reached the spot and got surprised at low attendance.... Now they're counting on the night to help them evade full time laanat! At night... Even a 1000 cellphone lights will look impressive....