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  • lol, arey baba, your profile has a medal :P

    Excuse me, I was busy reading reforms. I was drowning in them u know...

    Im being good and sweet, like always :P
    I was away for a couple of days and u GOT a medal ??? when was the ceremony how come u didn't invite me ??
    naheen ji

    That is the way to agree with you enemy and confuse them and the issue. then I put him in my beloved ignore list LOL

    But I was stranded in East Pakistan and didn't leave until June 1972

    salam bro

    note: furry likes anti-Pakistani, you figure he is an Indian ? or else, has to be reason for his anti-pakistani stance
    W slam Gazoo bhai , just started volunteering on some research projects. Din whaa.n guzer jata hai. And then when I come back , just listen to few programs, eat and go to sleep. Mostly, chat is in-active when I come online therefore aap say baat nhein ho sakee.

    Insha.Allah, very soon gup shup ho gee. Allah Hafix.
    We aren't friends yet, I've initiated it. I'd like to see how far Patriots can be taken. And I agree with some of your Ideas if not all. ( Just in case if agreement is the sole reason for friendships)
    There are four provinces, rest of them are territories. Provinces are Sindh, Balouchistan, Punjab and NWFP but territories are Gilgit-Balistan, Azad Kashmir, Tribal area and capital territory. I hope I am right! Thanks
    Thank you! Good to have you in my friends list. Hard to find like minded people :)
    bhai ap ka naam kia hai? last time I said something to you which was not nice. but now when I read your comments and certain posts, I think you made a mistake with that post. and you seem older than me and quiet a nice person. hope will speak to you sometime.
    well, its like a message wall . I read your messages, and, now I am returning them . Not complicated for someone who has not used his brain as mush as you
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