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  • بھائی سر لگا کے پڑھو

    قائد اعظم قائد ملّت قوم کی خدمات کرتے تھے
    گاندھی جی اور نہرو جی تو ادلا بدلی کرتے تھے

    I am trying to send you a message from my in-box. May be you have opted not to receive messages.
    It is important.
    commander showed me a date which is jan08-2010, i have accepted it.what else u can do?????
    asssalamoalykum gazoomartin
    today i day light robery is happened, ihave posted a thread( gandhi exposed by us congress), i posted the thread and did check it, it was there by my name,but then the moderator decided to move the thread,guess what happened, it was posted under the name of stargazer and my thread was murged with it,i wrote to moderator and the reply i got is that he posted it first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what a joke,so i wrote back saying this is unfair, u investigate this incident till then i am no gonna post a new thread,i dont know what they plying at????????????????
    yar i am quite serious to write in members blog , will give an entry on Drones attacks and the propa****a of our jacobabad air base used for it !!
    between its really fun to have a chit chat and productive discussions here with few people including you too !
    Do we need are can we select our own moderator for this forum
    as you all know moderator's behavior
    we need to be unite in every field of like

    and my wote goes to gazoo :)

    I support your Idea to ban Indian Members, i want to make post on that threat but thread is closed.
    Fine -- AlhamdoLILLAH --- And you ? You were offline for a couple of days? You know I miss you and GeoG both for hilarious and crispy remarks and posts.
    Hello Dear,

    compliment of the season and happy nice day
    My Name is Miss cicilia Khalifa 23 years
    old i will like to know you for a nice
    And i like to share
    my love with you.i am a pretty young
    lady and i think i will really love to
    know you and tell you more
    about me also send you my photo for
    you to know me you can send me an email
    here i will be waiting ok.
    best regard love you
    my dear remember that in love, colour of skin, language barrier, race or ethnicity does not matter
    but what matters is undrestanding, trust and care
    for one another.
    am waiting patiently to hear from you soonest.
    ([email protected])
    wishing you all the best, cicilia
    Gazoo uncle, Assalam O Alikum WRWB, I have been a silent member of the forum for quite some time. Based in Washington DC and like your posts a lot. I hope we could be good friends given our shared love for pakistan.
    Dear Gazoo!

    I just past a post as a reply of your post, see the reply of this post from MQM workers, Mr Jury or Yahya wouldn't focus on issue of Accusing ANP, they would focus on CIR or RAW :)

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