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    اب اہل افراد ملک چلا رہے ہیں : مائزہ حمید

    she has started licking her masters A S S to get any ministry.
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    ہم ملکی اثاثوں کو بیچ کر رقم اکٹھی کریں گے: وزیر خزانہ مفتاح اسماعیل

    Only solution is to sell this country to America directly. May be then Pakistani might get better living.
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    پاکستانی بینکوں کے پاس ڈالر ختم ہو گئے، دیوالیہ ہونے کا خطرہ

    Merey dil ki baat ki aap nay. I also want to see this country declare bank corrupt or default so 220 million people gets awake.
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    The Corruption of a few in Army

    Pakistan Army is leading by a bunch of crooks
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    This is Just the Beginning

    Ask your Pig Nawaza to go back to Pakistan, What the Fukc is he doing here with his family.
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    This is Just the Beginning

    No one can bring Qaid's Pakistan back because its broken in 1971 by Army and so called then politicians for their own interests.
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    This is Just the Beginning

    What an idiots people of Pakistan are instead of burning the properties of these crooks who have ruined Pakistan, They are burning their own properties. Proofs that Pakistanis will never get united.
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    یوتھیاپا ایک سینڈروم ہے ،تازہ مثال ثمینہ پیزاددہ ہے: عابد شیر علی

    or chutiapa aik aisa syndrome hay jo sirf nawaz league waloon main hay.
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    Shocking revelations by Shabbar Zaidi on Arshad Sharif Show tonight

    Unfortunately in Pakistan COAS and his few Generals are the whole Army, if you do not agree with me then please check 75 years history of Pakistan.