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    Dr Israr's Prediction About Muslim Block Minus Arab Countries Coming True

    But we predicted terrorists will take over India and that’s exactly what happened
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    نام نہاد معصوم مخلوق

    Ouch, sounds like I uttered some truth there to hurt your ethnic ego...
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    نام نہاد معصوم مخلوق

    At least no one burned 300 people alive...oh it’s ok because that was done by people of Karachi...right?
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    Iran says it will not pay to replace Ukraine jet shot down by Iran!

    He pasted the source as well, I hope you’re referring all this to the person who wrote the article. Oh you’re Shia so everything is jayaz for you including lying and accusing. Good luck
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    Russia stuns the world with first approved Covid vaccine- Would you use it?

    Western countries are on the back foot and trying their level best to create concerns. Well they maybe correct about it but they don’t have anything solid to back it up as it’s been almost a year and they’re still deciding whether masks are useful or not.
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    Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris as running mate - Who is Kamala Harris?

    It’s all about foreign policy and that won’t change as it has be integrated with pentagon. Fact of the matter is, Trump has been bully and blunt but he’s killed way less Muslims than his predecessors be it democrat or republican. One thing I like about Trump, he’s no ability to hide anything...
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    نواز شریف کے پلیٹ لیٹس کیوں گرجاتے تھے، شہباز گل نے بتادیا

    Doctor saab we’d no doubt from the day one that these guys are lying, we’re asking you to stop believing these thugs
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    The Queen of Corruption Maryam Safdar's Specticle Front of NAB.

    Bulletproof bhi qatri ki tara 2 number
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    مریم صفدر کی چوری اور سینہ زوری

    This chor ki bachi should be in jail
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    Maryam Nawaz Should Give Proof & Receipts To NAB Instead Of PLMN Protest

    You don’t know the addiction of khota biryani...ask Rajarawal111 or mhafeez
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    گاڑی میں پتھر نہیں پھولوں کے بیگ رکھے گئے تھے- حنا پرویز بٹ

    Zindagi mein koee sach bola hota toh we’d have bought what you’re saying
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    The Queen of Corruption Maryam Safdar's Specticle Front of NAB.

    Corrupt aurat made a police will be ready for her next time when she’s called
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    لوگ جمع ہوکر ایسے جاتے ہیں جیسے یہ حج کرکے آرہے ہیں - امجد شعیب

    Basically general aaab saying keh yeh begairat I didn’t say anything only translated