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    Top 10 Militaries in the World | 2021| Pakistan 🇵🇰 & India's 🇮🇳 Ranking ||

    japan do not maintain any military. how come its ranked number 5.
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    عمران یہی وقت ہے! اگرضد پر اڑے رہےتو خوداور پاکستان دونوںکو لے ڈوبو گے

    In the next general election in 2023 give Imran Khan 2/3rd majority and let him bring in the required constitutional changes to introduce presidential system of governance and further strengthen our NAB and judicial system. This is the only way to eliminate corrupt illite from Pakistan.
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    Captain's six، all records broken، Fear of New accountability in opposition

    Time to trust this fearless leader to save Pakistan and its population from the clutches of corrupt mafia (PLMN, PPP, JUIF, MQM). Give him 2/3rd majority in the next election and then see how quickly corruption will vanish from our ranks.
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    Pakistan's Forex Reserves Get Record High |200 Companies To Invest Billions

    Alhamdolillah, we are finally on the right track. This is just the beginning of a new development era of our motherland. May Allah (swt) bless and strengthen our fearless leader IK in his passion to bring our citizens out of the poverty (ameen).My real enjoyment these days is to see the corrupt...
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    بڑا بیک تھرو، مولانا فضل الرحمان پگھلنے لگے، صدیق جان

    IK rose after Lahore jalsa and corrupt mafia (PDM) sunk after Lahore jalsa as well. IK is not a politician, he is an honest, loyal, patriotic leader that is why Allah (swt) "nusrah" and help is with this great leader. Pakistanio learn to support honesty and transparency if you want to survive in...
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    7 skills more important than academic qualification.

    Please do not give any attention to the above comments. Lots of good information in the clip. One has to be open minded and receptive to extract good information from this clip.Following are the take home points time management communication skills resilient&adaptability (try to remain positive...
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    سینیٹ الیکشن قبل از وقت کرانےپر آئین میں کوئی قدغن نہیں ہے- سلمان اکرم راجہ

    If elections are held in early February and oath is taken in March, hopefully as a courtesy PTI will provide tons of "chitta chonsa" mangoes to PDM with a note " LO CHONSA AUMB CHOPO AUB"No more halwa for Maulana.
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    Who failed Maryam Nawaz in Lahore ? Rauf Klasra's analysis

    Today was the real reality check for PLMN and PPP. Game is over for these criminals. Well done Lahorio. IK keep up the good work. Now time to wrestle with inflation. If u bring down cost of living. You will win next election with 2/3rd majority.
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    Chinese Satellites versus Indian Satellites

    The fact is Pakistan is miles behind in the space technology (remote sensing satellite systems) compared to India. It will takes decades for Pakistan to come closer to Indian use of remote sensing data for its natural resources monitoring.
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    اراکین سوچیں گے کہ ہم کیوں شریف خاندان کیلیے اپنا سب کچھ داؤ پر لگائیں

    Klasra Sahib, today you have made totally irrational comments. If two ATM's have made any assets in London, the key difference is both of hem were not part of the Government. They made assets trough their progressive businesses and NOT through the public money. By the way by avoiding taxes both...
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    Sharif Clan vs Class, Feel the Difference...

    For god sake do not insult these educated and god fearing ladies by comparing them with PLMN and PPP filth.
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    مبشرلقمان کا اسرائیلی ٹی وی کو انٹرویو

    Logical and well presented views by Mubashir Luqman.
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    Maryam Nawaz met DG ISI Gen Faiz Hameed, Ch Ghulam confirms

    On a serious note. Its time to slaughter old goats as well.
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    Maryam Nawaz met DG ISI Gen Faiz Hameed, Ch Ghulam confirms

    establishment also want to meet haleema n the beast
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    Q & A on government projects & updates with Abdul Rehman

    You are one of the very few who is focussing on the development projects in Pakistan. Keep up the good work A Rehman sahib. May allah (swt) bless you.