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    Is it True or not can anybody confirm?

    Not only Qadiani, there were few others. I have never heard about them from anyone as Pakistanis only knew Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. Three of them are Bab, Bahauddin, Kareem Agha Khan with good number of fellowers. Just explore their religion too.
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    ایسے ملک نہیں چلے گا، پاکستانی عوام کو اٹھنا ہو گا، نواز شریف

    whole nation is waiting for you. come back and lead from the front. Pakki pakkai kheer khanay na aao, aa ker khood pakkao.
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    مفتی منیب الرحمان کی کل قضاء روزہ رکھنے کی اپیل

    Elon Musk is going to set up his base camp on moon. So, How muslims on moon will start Ramadan and celebrate Eid???
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    مفتی منیب الرحمان کی کل قضاء روزہ رکھنے کی اپیل

    Today, enjoy Eid. Tomorrow keep the roza. keep the both worlds. kal ke roza se koi gunnah thora hi hoga. sawab hi hoga.
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    جو پال نہیں سکتا، وہ بچے پیدا مت کرے

    Badsha Salamat, aap se mujhay Zinda Rood ki khushboo aa rahi hai. Woh bhi aise hi zabardast analysis kerta hai. Apka writing style and philosphy kafi milti hai us se.
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    جو پال نہیں سکتا، وہ بچے پیدا مت کرے

    Bilkul Sahi, higher crime rate is higher birth rate ki wajah se hai. To many children, no taking care of kids, no education for the, therefore, they dont get job. Ultimately they have no optio but involved in criminal activities.
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    جو پال نہیں سکتا، وہ بچے پیدا مت کرے

    I have read many stories on Newas paper that the fathers threw their children into canals, rivers after asking new clothes in Eid. If, they did not have resources, why they have so many kids. Its better not to have kids rather than killing them.
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    کیا ہم آج کل کسی قدرتی آفت کا شکار ہیں ؟

    Gilani took Diamond Necklace given for Flood affectees. Shahbaz looted fund for flood victoms. Now, rice is distributed among poors, Raja is getting problem. (Because of covid, all 3rd word countries are in double trouble)
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    ریاست پودینہ

    If a politicians (3 times prime minister) caught red handed, proved and then himself confessed that he committed fraud to get Iqama. Then, it is every Pakistani's concern, what his 3 times prime minister doing. What are his moral values. Maybe your moral values are no so high, but mine are. It...
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    ریاست پودینہ

    So, it means Nawaz Shareef did Fraud with UAE govt. He got Iqama on fake job.
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    Look at this guy bashing IK

    Looks like IK did not give him any bone.
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    این اے 249 سے 17 ہزار ووٹ غائب ہونے کاانکشاف

    Election commission failed everywhere.
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    زومبی لینڈ

    Oh, so you are from his party and close ally, because you said you confronted Nawaz inside the party. Now I know, why you are so against Imran Khan. I thought you are a common voter. But, since you are annonynmous here, you should be unbiased and fair.