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    22 Students from LUMS rescued by Pak Army from snow hit Rattu to Rawalpindi

    Great jos by pak army Guys do not underestimate the weather in the north on the country specially in January its extreme cold and landsliding is frequent
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    Chief Justice suo moto- how Jahangir Tareen & Khusro Bakhtyar made over 155 billion additional sugar profit

    Achha Patwario laggay haathon yeh bhi batao k Cotton producing areas main Sugar mills kiss khhanzeer ki aolaad nain laga k pakistan ki cotton industry tabah ki thi ?
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    Muslims of India are awaking Now

    Muslims of India are awakening just like we wake up in the middle of night to search the fridge and then go back to sleep. Muslims of India are spineless stooges, they have no respect left in them so keep walking no umeed there, they are slaves and will always be until another Tipu Sultan comes...
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    Islamabad ranked among the world’s safest cities

    Have you been out of Pakistan ? Pakistan is much much safer then London paris and other European cities. apna hai issi liye qaddar nain hai. Wahan to log ghar sey nikatay hain to wapas ghar jatay waqt yeh umeed nain hoti k ghar main chori daaka nain parra hoga aor ghar safe hoga
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    BJP, MLA Arjun Singh is asking RSS, workers to kill Muslim wherever you find them

    Yet Another hateful video from that sh*thole
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    Delighted to meet Nawaz Sharif, Hamid Karzai says after meeting Nawaz Sharif with Afghan ambassador to UK

    Isss Sourr ko ab Tattoon sey baand kar pakistan laaya jaey aor Adiyala jail main daala jaey
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    بھارت میں ’جناح والی آزادی‘ کے نعرے بلند ہونے لگے

    99% of these protesters are Muslims, but Baniya shows them as they are from all walks of lives. only muslims are marching all over the Indian union and all in vain as the Hindu Baniya has already implemented the draconian law, now the Awasi and like sof him can suckk on it
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    Monal conquered what next ?

    Khhoti k bacho Land army ki thi to wapas dey di gayi , tumhari kyun jall rahi hai ? Jab Railway nain apni land khhali karwayi aor lakhon logon ko berozgaar kia tab tumhari ghairatt bundd marwaney gayi hoyi thi ?
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    PAC chief clears all objections on defence purchases without scrutiny

    Dawn walon ka audit kon aor kab karay ga ?
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    Sohail Bhatti unveils names of Govt Officers in BISP scandal

    Anchor khhoti ko nain pata k welfare programs har aik civilized country main hota hai aor fraud bhi uss main bohat aam hai
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    The course India has chosen will lead to its own destruction - DG ISPR

    lagta hai kumaar ji aao gao mootar ziyada hi charh giya hai ?
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    بیرونی سرمایہ کاری میں سب سے بڑی رکاوٹ کون؟وزیراعظم کچھ کریں ورنہ۔۔؟اوورسیز انویسٹر نے خبردار کر دیا

    Sorry to say but he is saying the half truth, he must understand the tax laws first, when you coming from tax heavens to a country where tax has to be paid, to thhori takleef to hoti hai. My brother came from abroad bought 30 lakh car and paid 0.6% tax for taking cash out, when he sold after 2...
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    Allama Shahenshah Naqvi Speech In Karachi Rally On Qasem Soleimani

    Yeh Madarchod k bachay apnay mulk k bajaey Iran aor Saudion ki gaandposhi kartey rehtay hain
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    The course India has chosen will lead to its own destruction - DG ISPR

    It will lead to disintegration of this Shithole called India