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    Here is the Asia Society Interview of Khwaja Asif, PM Khan was referring

    Yeh Nawaz khhanzeer nain leader banaey hain , yeh maalunn k bachay apni maaon sey zanna kar k paida hohay hain
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    Indian Army Soldiers crying like babies

    Look at these $%$^$%$ crying like babies after getting their *** kicked by chinese
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    After a spanking at LAC, India is looking towards LOC for a Cup of Tea!!!

    Baniye bari maar khhaey ga iss baar iss nain aggar masti ki to merey khilyaal main to Pak army phiir Dehli sey pehley rukkay gee nain
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    GD Bakhshi blasts Indian army for fighting with sticks against Chinese

    Lahnatt hai Hinduoo , Madarchodho 20 foji marwa kar bhi dumm daba kar bethhay ho, Khhoti k bacho 1300 saal sey ghulaami kar rahay ho aor humain batatay h otum kitna khhatarnaak hai, chootiye aaj aokaat par aa gey ho
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    Khalistan movement has entered into a new phase and is owned by the Youth

    Khalistan movement has entered into a new phase where the Youth of Indian occupied Punjab has taken the matters into their own hands, and Khalistan Referendum 2020 will pave the way for the Only sikh republic on the Planet Earth, Every Nation has their own country its only the Sikhs which are...
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    Indian Hindu Doctor suggests Muslims should be injected with Covid

    These Indian Hindus whether young, old, Men women all of them hate Muslims from the core of their hearts, and pusssy Indian Muslims do nothing in return but just appease them. These nasty Hindus want to avenge their 1000 years of humiliating slavery which isnt going to happen and in return they...
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    China captured 5 km of Indian territory, digging defences

    China aggar seedha ho giya to Baniye ki bundd maar k rakhh dey ga, Baniye ko itna tie diya giya hai aor yeh apnay aap ko super power samajhna shrooh ho gaey hain , its time to put these rats back n their place
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    Second Survivor of PIA Crash Muhammad Zubair talks to media

    Jissay Allah rakhhay ussay kon chhahhay
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    PIA crash: Story from an eye witness

    Allah Marnay walon ko Jannat main jaga dey aor unn k ghar walon ko hosla dey
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    Mistook You For Muslim As You Had Beard: MP Cops on Beating Lawyer:TheQuint

    And they even apologized to him beacuse they took him as a muslim infact he was a Hindu, and if he was an actual muslis they would have more beaten the sh*t out of this scummm HAHAHAHA Great Modi keep going