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    وسیم بادامی کی ایک نایاب وڈیو نعت رسول ﷺ پڑھتے ہوئے

    Thia man had been a supporter of a killer i.e. Altaf Hussain. Sent by him to the ARY with a threat. For years Kashif and others had teased him to tell which party he supports. He never responded to them. But everyone knew he is MQM's man. Those who supported killers and climb the ladder...
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    CJ Qasim Gujjar giving Justice to English language

    Well, he is right. He was a governor, appointed by thugs who have looted far more than him. In their eyes, he was a little minor hustler, not a criminal. Thus, he was suitable for the Governorship of a province. Way to go in Banana Republic of Pakistan.
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    قاضی فائزکیس:ججزکا احتساب ہوناچاہیے،عدالت کےوقارمیں اضافہ نہیں ہوگا:اعتزاز

    Aitzaz aik munafiq kutta. He cannot see what Zardari has done all his life!! Cannot see even Bilawal's bills had been paid from illegal and fake bank accounts!! And the new kid or girl on the block, the "Super Journalist" cannot ask the relevant questions from this dual faced dog. RIP Pakistan.
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    اس ملک کی جیلوں میں ہزاروں عام پاکستانیوں کو قید رکھنا ظلم ہے جہاں۔۔

    Doc, how the system would be corrected and brought to the world standards, if people of Pakistan do not speak out!! Every Pakistani should be openly talking about these illegal acts of judiciary, generals, politicians and bureaucrats. It is now or never. Pakistan is dying. It has to be rescued.
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    سپریم کورٹ نے فائز عیسیٰ اور سرینہ عیسیٰ کی نظر ثانی کیس کا فیصلہ سنا دیا

    Bloody Hell. This chor judge and his chor wife couldn't provide one proof of how they got the properties in the UK. But still are beyond blame and actions. I had been saying that for over a decade, the day the telephone call of Justice Qayyum to Shahbaz Sharif on the instruction of Nawaz...
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    ڈیل پے عمل درآمد شروع

    what!! You damn fool. Go and hang yourself from the nearest tree. You are the reason Pakistan is in a situation it is for last 5 decades. I criticise Imran all the time, I am not his or PTI supporter. But I guess you crooks are not programmed to listen to the truth.
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    ڈیل پے عمل درآمد شروع

    Were you not paying attention a week ago, IK in his telephone conversations with public clearly said that the Govt wanted to have Rs 7 bn surety bond from Nawaz before allowing him to leave for the UK and that the courts let him go on Rs 50 stamp paper!! The judiciary now wants contempt of...
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    عمران خان وہ بندہ ہے جس پر ہمیں بے انتہا یقین ہے: مشتاق احمد

    do you understand economy at all!! Tell us how Imran is doing same!!
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    عمران خان وہ بندہ ہے جس پر ہمیں بے انتہا یقین ہے: مشتاق احمد

    Really!!! Please do tell us, how Nawaz and Zardari "Pakistan ko taraqi di" 🤣 🤣
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    فحاشی پر عمران خان نے جو بات کہی، یقیناً سچ ہے - تقی عثمانی

    From where he has copied his material had this as its first line. If we look at his own submission, Prophet SAW married H Khadija Ra in 595. The next marriage was to Aisha Ra in 620. For long 25 years, Prophet SAW had just one wife , Khadija Ra. The behaviour of Prophet SAW was against the...
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    فحاشی پر عمران خان نے جو بات کہی، یقیناً سچ ہے - تقی عثمانی

    Adeel, I am sad to see that your website has come to this now. RIP.
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    فحاشی پر عمران خان نے جو بات کہی، یقیناً سچ ہے - تقی عثمانی

    Ignore him he is a Mirza's chella. For him Ka-Lip Masroor is fine, who has an eye for the young girls.
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    نواز شریف اگر چار ہفتے میں واپس نہیں آیا تو سب سے زیادہ میں شور مچائون گا ،

    Jo dikhta hai, vo bikta hai. Agar pati shirt ke neeche hoti tu nazzar kise ati!!! Agar nazzar nahi atti tu impression kise banta!!! Impression nahi banta tu sari mahanat tu zia ho jati na. 🤣 🤣
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    World Passport ranking and Pakistan Passport ! Enjoy

    Ye vo hi taraqi hai jo Nawaz Dacoit ne Pakistan ko di, aur jis ki taraif Socrates Ahsan Iqbal karta hai.