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    Sikhs kicked out of Afghanistan by Ghairatmand Talban

    Planted Endian news against muslims of Afghanistan and Endia, just listen a planted child using word “Atinkvat”, is that possible an Afghan living person use this pure Endian word. I think after brooken relation and waste Endian investment, Endian channels start broadcastinf fake mirch misala.
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    فضل الرحمان نےاگر اکیلے تحریک چلائی تو کون ساتھ دے گا- مولا بخش چانڈیو

    Khoote ka bacha, Qabbar bhool chooky hain yeh sab khoote k bachay...jamoooreyat.
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    کیا عمران خان، عثمان بزدار کو شوکت خانم یا نمل چلانے کے لیے دیں گے؟ مالک

    Mr Malik, you are not in a position to rais such questions because you are PTV corruption case in court. You rotton egs atleast must appreciate Buzdar performance during Covid control, cleaning rivers and canals after 30 years....
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    ہمیں بھوک سے بچالیں! آل پاکستان انجمن تاجران کی وزیر اعظم سے اپیل

    Yeh tu her baar country wide shouter-down hartall ke call deytai thai, ab bhook lag rahe hai, enn ko Ramadan k baad shops open karnay ke ejazzat dain.
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    Coronavirus: CJP takes suo moto notice over lack of facilities in hospitals

    Inject Covid19 injection all those currpt judges bump, mother fuckers you should take suomoto against your ugly judicial system, khotee k bachay. enforce Islamic laws they will all without hands and mostly without heads. A prostitute more respectable than you ugly judges, she is being paid...
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    Tiger force of Pm and Dirty Role of Media

    Ban media in Pak for x period of time.
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    Aliya Hamza exposes Rauf Klasra and Co. for their useless questions to PMIK

    Media Virus ko Corona sai pahlay lockdown krain....mother chooood
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    Maria B playing Elite woman card on social media after breaking the law

    Yes Yes Yes, you’re and people like you all are the Virus for the society, can’t do work yourself and think workers are animals, May Allah put you and your family along with your hubby into COVID19 and one you go to hell. People should boycott your Brand, fucken Maria-B, yes this is Punjab and...
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    Hassan Nisar blasted Jahil SHAREEFS...

    SC, LHC, IC k haram khor judges ko pahlay marain phir un sab commission khooro ko bashamool media k arstoos jo en ko support krrai hain sab ko enn haram zadoon so called siasatdano k sath shoot kr dain.
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    Chinese Nurses Pictures After Countless Hours Fighting The Coronavirus

    should appoint Dr’s from China and kick them out all so called young Dr’s from Pak hospitals.
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    Poll: Government Of Pakistan Needs To Move Against All Judges Appointed By Kana Dajjal Iftekhar Choudhry In Pakistan.

    Yeh kalay kot walay 3rd division pass national level k decision krtai hain, jab k sab sai barai choor hain, koe knowledge nahi....bas eik kam Govt. ordinance pass karay koe bhi 20+ grade govet serving after retirement pakistan sai 10 sall taq nahi jasakta....yeh sab mar jaien gai...fuckin dogs...
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    CJ Asif Khosa already knew about the verdict today - Gen r Ghulam Mustafa

    Constitution of Pakistan, k sab sai bara mujrim yeh PAK judicial system hai, jo 50 sal k baad faisal bhi kartai hain ar wo bhi ghalat...I wish that disobey existing fake constitution and kick out the judicial system and roll of corrupt judiciary in Pak, all court cases on immediate bases should...
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    لائیو: وکلا کا فیاض الحسن چوہان پر تشدد

    Only one solution: judicial system is very poor, all matters should be fix at colony, mohallah and village lavel....Judges ar yeh kuttay Wakeel khud he bhook sai mar jain gai. Police and town members fix all issues on merit so no need to hire a wakeel and judge.