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    No change in Punjab police culture -- PTI / Buzdar biggest failure yet ?

    Brother, Everyone loves to sit home and eat, but people go out to earn livelihood out of desperation. But it's so wrong on so many levels to book in illegal possession of arms. The poor man has to suffer many consequences. Let me remind you, shiekh rasheed was sent to prison in similar case...
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    No change in Punjab police culture -- PTI / Buzdar biggest failure yet ?

    How come the police officers do not fear accountability ? The new IG Punjab police seems failing. We don't see corrupts officers being removed/ punished from service. Ex IG KPK Nasir Durrani overhauled the KPK police in his tenure, and removed hundreds of black sheep from the department...
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    India: Now we can bring Kashmiri girls for marriage, says Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar

    Pak Army should drop the atom bomb on India if they go for forced marriages.
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    Govt announces to suspend PAK-India bus service

    Close the airspace for Inidan airlines.
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    "Govt. did not take sufficient steps," Hamid Mir's take on Pakistani Govt. to move to UNSC against India

    Airspace should be closed, I am saying this from day one.
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    Kashmir residents say they are starving as first accounts of India's lock-down of region emerge, The Telegraph

    No strong steps by Pakistan. Disappointed from IK/Bajwa 1 - Airspace must be close irrespective of International pressure. If world doesn't care about Kashmirs, why should we? 2- Close the Wahga border for Indian trade with afghanistan 3- Shutdown the Kartarpur Sikh route. Tell Sikhs to...
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    Kashmir Situation: Learn from History : 1938 Hitler appeased at Munich Pact

    Imran Khan is wrong here. Just like he was in favour of negotiations with Pak Talibans. Zardari acceded, and taliban captured the Swat valley too. Hindu Baniya is deceitful in nature. The famous saying of ''Bughal mein churri --- muun pay raam raam'' is true. Are we gonna sit back and watch...
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    Saudi Foreign Ministry's statement on Indian forced occupation over Kashmir

    Kick the Hindus out of Saudi Arabia if they really do care about Kashmiri Muslims
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    It’s not over. It won’t be until just struggle of our Kashmiris succeeds - DG ISPR

    Airspace is not closed. I just checked on Flightradar24 website, and spotted an indian plane flying over Pakistan. But it must be closed. Full stop to any trade as well.
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    Highly recommend watching Moeed Pirzada's analysis on Kashmir in show muqabil.

    Indian will never settle for less. They will come to close our waters too. They will never stop interfering in Baluchistan or to sabotage CPEC. Pakistan must take action now. At least, close the damn airspace for indian airlines. Let them suffer financial loss.
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    Breaking News : indian govt revoke Article 35A & Article 370

    Close the damn airspace for India. It will cause huge loss to Indian in billion of dollars. No more talk or condemnation. Pak govt should take some practical steps.
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    Kashmir Solution - Close Pakistan Airspace for India

    It was opened before IK visit to USA as a goodwill gesture.
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    Kashmir Solution - Close Pakistan Airspace for India

    Enough with talks and condemnation by our leaders and forces. They means nothing. USA and UN can't and won't do anything about it. Every other day, India starts shelling to target innocent civilians on LOC. Modi will not sit on table unless financial loss is slapped. Post Feb 19, India lost...
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    PMLN's Shaikh Rohale Asghar under Anti-Corruption's Radar

    LOOHAAR high court granted stay order. Unless the corrupt judges are not removed, accountability would remain only a dream.
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    Chief Justice Pakistan Asif Saeed Khosa Speech At Central Police Office Karachi

    Why doesn't he speak in Urdu, so the common people can understand him.