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    صرف الیکشنز نہیں ہمیں صاف اور شفاف الیکشنز چاہیئں،عمران خان

    The problem is PTI has huge support in women elderly and families. They can not do a long march where you have to deal with moncho wala kutta and their handlers.
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    EXPLOSION Of Bloody Retaliation Was on Brink By The Youth ...IK

    unfortunately khan is history. He does not want blood to be shed but revolution is bloodthirsty
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    شہباز شریف اور رانا ثنا نے پاکستان کی روح کو زخمی کر دیا ہے،ہارون رشید

    konsay zalim ko is dunya ma saza mili hai? america nay millions may log maray han.
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    Modi Ji's BJP abusing Prophet Muhammad on TV

    Again TLP is on vacations let them enjoy PMLN tenure
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    اسلامک ٹچ

    I always doubt Imran khan's use of religion in politics. but other options are so ugly that makes me ignore it.
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    پریس کانفرنس سے پہلے شاہ محمودقریشی کو کس کی فون کال آئی؟

    Khan knows on thing ie Mafhimat na sikha jabr-e-narawa say mujhay Ma sar bakaf hun larra day kisi bala say mujhay
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    عمران خان پر حملےکا خطرہ، تھریٹ الرٹ جاری

    Baygairat kay bachay iss insan nay sarri zindagi hamaray liya mehnat ki hai. Allah kay azab ko qun dawat daytay ho.
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    سینئر لیگی رہنماؤں کے لنچ کے دوران شہری کی اینٹری، ویڈیو

    dudo charge reaction: I use to watch you guys on tv all the time 😃 Its shameful you guys are enjoying here and country is going down ☹️
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    یہ چاہتے ہیں لوگ نواز،شہباز شریف کےکیسزبھلا دیں:ثنا بُچہ کےموقف میں تبدیلی؟

    These SAFMA people are not drama they have single agenda i.e constant chaos in our beloved country. They dont care who is in power but to not let any govt complete its tenure and they are always successful in it.
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    سراج الدولہ کا سپہ سالار دشمن کیساتھ مل گیا تھا اور قوم کو غلام بنادیا

    khan sahab ko akhir kar in gaddaron ko point out krna hi parray ga. Jub turkey or Venezuela ma coup hoa tha to Chavez or Urdegan nay ya nahi kaha that kay foj kay bagair mulk chal hi nahi sakta. Is tarha to aap saf saf khah rahay han kay is mulk ma dictatorship hai democracy nahi.
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    Mir Jafar & Mir Sadiq

    Totally agree with this close door policy this is the main reason that most of the eastern countries has no freedom of expression (like Iran, China, Gulf countries ect) and Pakistan will eventually move to same path. One of the reason US promotes democracy is because democracy can be easily...
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    Mir Jafar & Mir Sadiq

    Muslims history is full of Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq but have we ever took a lesson from that story? Or we always going to just talk about it. I can see a similarity of events occurred at the time of Tipu Sultan and our beloved Imran Khan. Tipu defeated British 3 times before the final battle but...
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    سازش کھلنے لگی

    like this guys care about Pakistan's financial stability. The term american ventilator was rightly used by khwaja asif. American will always keep us on ventilator
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    Blasphemy FIR registered against Imran Khan

    Aisa karo gay to meray jaisa sust lazy insan bhi islamabad pohonch jeyega. Nahi karo sonay do hamain 😂