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    General Raani Ki kahani , 1971 War

    Chacha G, i usually, even always dislike posts from That Bhaibarood, but facts are facts, and that Bastard "Yaha" and other like him are disgrace to not only Islam but to Humanity..
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    India will Pay the Price of Unilaterally Abrogating Article 370...

    Tum Afghan Haram khoroon say bhi badla layna hay, beghairat
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    مرزا جہلمی کی کچھ مزید بونگیاں

    aur tum log cctv laga kar dekh rahay thay
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    Cynthia Richie planted interview with 5gen Sohail waraich, fake drama

    CHup Nawaz aur Maryam kay tattay 😂
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    Gulf Muslims waking up about India

    last but not least, BANYAY, what "DOLAND TRAMP" did to SAPOOT of Bharat Maata..
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    Gulf Muslims waking up about India

    wah Bay Bhonsadi kay, China has already snatched 60 km of Bharat Maata Even Nepal is showing you "LAL AANKH"...
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    Cynthia Richie a GHQ mole , contracted to defame politicians

    Abay Choutiyay, tu phir Benazir Sali aur Nawaz HAram khor kis chakkar mein GHQ kay chakkar lagatay rahay hay??acha yeh book hay amazon par, padh kar bata k saali aur BHONSDI waali koun hay?
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    PAKISTAN HAS NEVER LOST. Dr. Pravin Sawhney

    Aur yeh Kanjar Sheti Sach ka Putla hay?
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    کرنل کی بیوی😡😡😡😡😡

    Abay, Campo, Institutions can be wrong and they are wrong but Benazir wasn`t an Angel either, book written on her is available on amazon,
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    China ne India ko dho diya, Indian analysts ki duhai, Imran Khan Exclusive

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    Altaf Hussain on Indian Army's youtube channel

    Kuttya kay Bachay, I, being a Muhajir hates your entire filthy nation, you people are nothing but a piece of shit
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    Altaf Hussain on Indian Army's youtube channel

    you are right, being a urdu speaker its so much embarrassing BUT on the other hand its fact. That was Our army generals ( not all ) who nurtured this scum and gave power to rule karachi by force
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    Indian soldier gets the boot from a chinese soldier at Ladakh while running

    visit any RSS inspired Indians, you`ll figure out the hatred against Islam and Pakistan they have, then you might understand why Pakistanis hates them