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    کشمیر ، ہم پہلے بھی چھین چکے

    Its said that Quaid told the then Pak army chief who was a british to send more army in kashmir which he refused.
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    Uzma Khan and Huma Khan press conference

    bhai issi ka saath dein filhal. agar wo ghundi rann akeli ja k iss ko 2,4 thappar laga deti tau aur baat thi but itne logon k saath ja k khuli ghunda gardi tor phor, video recording....
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    Uzma Khan and Huma Khan press conference

    In jahil sahafion ki press conference se ziada civilized janwaron ki press conference hogi jungle mein. kisi ko bolne na dena lantio.
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    معروف ادیب مستنصر حسین تارڑ نے نیا پنڈورا باکس کھول دیا

    very interesting writer but you can see the arrogance. he has probably lost it at this old age
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    Value of Girls in our Society| Maryam Sheikh

    purana randi rona. it still wont justify your wrong actions if you take the wrong path. Not every girl has a family starving at home. Many of them dont have this issue. Nice excuse though
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    Benefits of a Doctor Wife - Shafiqur rehman

    chalangain tau is koi aur laga rha hai is waqt bandar ki tara shafiq ur rehman ka sun k. itna khush uski bivi nhi hui kabhi usko dekh k. lagao aur bas apne ap ko zakhmi na kar lena uchal uchal k.
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    This latest video of Kim Jong-un shows that he is extremely obese & not in so good health

    "extremely obese" I thought he was in bed with 500lbs weight thats what you call extremely obese. height of exaggeration
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    ان کرداروں کو نظرانداز کریں

    we know this already why did you have to make a new thread for this? Make threads to share something new not your opinions.
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    لاڈلا کیوں رو رہا تھا؟ - سنئے ریحام خان سے

    She is looking so old. Shes looking lost mentally sick. Something is not right with her. That regret is gonna haunt her all her life and make her go totally crazy
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    Pakistani Naval Ship kisses indian ship

    similar incident happened in 2011. is this new or the same old incident? or maybe the thread starter is born now
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    CONGRATULATIONS Talat Hussain, Reham Khan, salim safi, & "meray kaptan"

    abay hua kia hai pura thread bana dia hai tu ne. baat tau bata G20 mein kia ho gya