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    How Bahiria Town project looting public in Karachi

    If you buy a ticket from Karachi to Islamabad, the Price very from 1000 To 35000 Per Ticket. Just travel the way you want... do some where else ... if you can't afford it do not GO, Next time collect all the information before leaving home ...
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    ISI-NAB Secret Operation !!Turkish Karkey company beg Pakistan for $1.2B fine Settlement | Rauf Klasra

    BC jis Nay ja ke review case kiya woh mujrim hay aur jin BC ke govt main huva kam sara aur jo pesay kha gae un ko credit den ... zardari ke govt nay swiss bank main case honey diya tha???? NAB aur ISI us waqat pakistan main nahi thee ??? I was expecting rubbish from him but not at this level
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    BOSS ~ Trailer

    Kuch chezen Mazaq ke liye nahi hoti ...
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    Shah Mehmooq Qureshi very important video message

    At Last ... "Pakistan is genocide ko Berdasht nahi kare ga" Long awaited statements ... Message to Kashmir, "Hum app ke sath hain ... Aur Her Had Tak Janay ke liye Tayar hain ... "
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    Ali Tareen: Mangoes, Cricket, and Kasmir

    With the desperate attempt of criticism, I can guess this member can kill his own mother for not marrying Jahangir Tareen ...
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    حکومت کو کرتارپور کوریڈور مکمل طور پر بند کرنا چاہیے، مفتی اسد محمود

    In ke getup to utarwao .... andar say asal niklen ... Begherat log ...
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    Ahsan Iqbal's Appeal to PMLN Supporters About Pak Army and Judiciary

    Seams like they get some sort of "HADI" ... let's see who breaks the reconciliation story ...
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    PM Imran Khan's meeting with President Trump is a success story - Nadeem Malik

    Listen to his comments, he tried his Best to Make a success story of ARMY and 2, 3 things he mentions in just 10 secs at the end for Imran Khan ... He is ......
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    PM Imran Khan's meeting with President Trump is a success story - Nadeem Malik

    XX sar sar ke MAR ja... I think you have a domestic issue with Imran Khan, as your wife is close relative of Ishaq Dar and once MPA if N League ....
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    Faisal Javed, Zulfi & Ali Zaidi in US...

    Agreed, If he was trained, he should have developed his HALQA and get himself elected ... Look at the young leadership in parliment ... one feel proud of some young leaders ... but Seriously A senator???
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    Faisal Javed, Zulfi & Ali Zaidi in US...

    What's the purpose, especially for Faisal? He is Official DJ of PTI, he needs to set the back stage as well. Note: I personally do not like him ... he is for sure not suitable for PTI senator.. He is good for only Radio Joke RJ what he is originally
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    Ultimate Fate of Boots & their Lickers

    AND Nawaz Sharif, and his Family Never ever belived that Pakistan is there kingdom ... ???
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    Selective Justice of Selector Bajwa and Selected Imran Khan

    Reality check ... 1 - Chariman NAB ke video per eek pura Blackmailing raket pakra tha, google if you missed the action. 2 - You assumption, that Gens are giving orders to NAB PML-N is wrong, Chup per kam kerna Kamzoron ka tareqa hota hay ... if they want they can ...... 3 - NAB request to...