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    عمران خان کا نام ای سی ایل پر ڈالا جائے،رانا ثنااللہ کا مطالبہ

    An overwhelming majority of Pakistanis believe he was behind Model Town murders.He was also caught with possessing the past had links with banned outfits.This criminal got away with murder due to corrupt and inefficient judicial system.
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    ‏نواز شریف کو سی پیک ملا، عمران خان کو فطرانہ۔ مریم اورنگزیب

    Nawaz would have stolen fitrana as well.Doesn’t This jahil women know fitrana is for poor people?.She is mocking the poor.CPEC is part of BRI.It is a project conceived by Chinese leadership.CPEC was approved during Musharaf’s talks with Chinese leaders.The total investment in BRI & CPEC is $4-8...
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    ‏قرض نہ لینے کااعلان کرنے والےپوری دنیا میں کشکول اٹھائے گھوم رہے ہیں،بلاول

    PTI was not privy to the real state of the economy esp foreign reserves.When it came into power the truth was revealed.Munshi Dar was cooking books and giving fake growth figures.Bilo is still a child he doesn’t understand economics or politics.
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    آئی ایم ایف گلا اتنا دباتا ہے کہ سانس لینا مشکل ہو جاتا ہے : شوکت ترین

    Western and Hindu media keep writing about Chinese debt traps but ignore the blackmail by IMF.
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    COVID scare at G7 meeting after Indian delegates test positive

    Not surprising.India has 50% of total COVID-19 cases in the world.The latest Indian mutation is many times deadlier than others.
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    سونیہ صدف بھی پٹوارن نکلی، مائزہ حمید گجر کا اعتراف

    I have written several posts in social media about pro-PMLN bureaucrats and judges ever since PTI won elections.People forget that Nawaz lohar was in power for over 30 years.He invested heavily in police,judiciary,bureaucracy and media.He planted his own people in these departments.PTI could not...
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    How Nawaz Sharif found out in 2009 that he will form Gov in 2013???

    In 2018 they tried but were not allowed to rig elections.They started accusing the army for helping PTI when they lost.If the army was helping PTI then why didn’t PTI get a big majority?.
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    Should Ashiq Awan apologize to Assistantant Commissioner???

    Awan should have taken note of rotten apples and then raised the issue privately with the AC.It was wrong to reprimand her in public.The bureaucrats get good salaries and benefits but don’t perform their duties.I believe the bureaucracy has many pro-PMLN officials who are working against PTI...
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    How Nawaz Sharif found out in 2009 that he will form Gov in 2013???

    Nawaz never won an election in a fair manner.All of his victories were rigged.
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    Indian variant in UK is ‘worrying’, say scientists

    Coronavirus variants first detected in India risk becoming the UK’s second most dominant within weeks, experts have warned after total cases rose to 400. Public Health England (PHE) said on Thursday that there was “no evidence of widespread community transmission or that these variants cause...
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    "Teshting & Trekking" saved India from COVID, Modi Gloating...

    trekking is hiking or going on a journey.I think you meant tracing or tracking.
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    Doubts in India over coronavirus death numbers

    The numbers are at least three times more than reported.Thousands have died at home but are not counted as Covid-19 victims.
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    Saudi Arabia to teach RAMAYAN in schools

    Shame on Saudis for including false pagan mythology in social science curriculum in their schools.What is the next step,idols in holy mosques?.First UAE sold its soul to Zionists and now Saudis have sold themselves to Hindus.
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    بھارت میں کرونا وائرس کی خوفناک صورتحال

    I remember PDM aka Pakistan Dakoo Movement was dismissive when the government was asking it to stop organising rallies and gatherings.Diesel rejected the existence of COVID-19.We lucky the virus was under control at the time,otherwise it would have been a disaster.