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    اولاد نے ساتھ چھوڑا تو میاں بیوی نے بھوک مٹانے کیلئے گنے کا جوس بیچنا شروع کردیا

    Age does not make one useless , if one can work , work till death. Why become a parasite or blame children? Why not make few kids and save your money for old age. if a child is you old age investment you don’t deserve that child
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    In Pakistan, The Wildest Polo Match with no rules played at the Highest place in the world.

    Less rules is true description There are rules now a days
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    US president Donald Trump meeting with Pakistani Qadiyani person before imran khan visit to US

    Kiya nazara hay, zindiq aik kamenay kay kishi bachay ki tara sikayat or tarlay kar raha hay. Americans like their enemies to fight them hard. They don't like weak and meek enemies. If you stand up to them and fight they will respect you. Look at Iran how they back out of fight.
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    Molana Tariq Jameel message to Nab and Supreme court Judges of Pakistan

    When one puts square pegs in round holes on a regular and professional basis one becomes a hypocrite.
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    Sachi Baat - 15th July 2019 - Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan Singer Exclusive Interview

    Sachi Baat yay hay kay Parkinson's disease badi zalim cheez hay.
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    England win the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup

    Eon Morgan nay Ireland may cancer hospital bananay ka ailaan kar diya!
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    Where has Dr Shahid Masood disappeared? Hear what Siddique Jan has to say

    His show has low ratings, he can't sustain and command the same level of following and make money. I liked his brand of show ten years ago but now I can't watch it. Dr. Shahid needs to understand that times change, he is over his peak and accept that reality. Happens to every one, instead of...
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    Businesses have to be registered, no matter what

    Register or shut them down and confiscate all property that they can't prove was legit. Other people will be more than willing to come in take over these businesses . These dukhandars are leeches of the society. They don't contribute much to legal economy any way other day price-gouging . They...
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    Siddique Jan: Facts regarding Mureed Abbas case and Dr Shahid Masood's illness

    Looks like in Pakistan people have not heard of Ponzi schemes, the guy got trapped so don't make him a hero.
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    ہمیں اب رک جانا چاہیے

    A logical position will be to ask for fair investigation and keep pressure on the government for that but to make a declaration that it is a fake case and Rana is an angle is a biased opinion . I wonder if some of these anchors are also in on some if these drug trades.
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    کم عقل لوگوں کے لیے ایک کہانی

    Kudos, what an Aesopean tale.
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    Tejas Advanced Aeronautics Lecture

    We the Pakistani nation demand that this guy be made the chief scientific boss for great nation of India. and allow him to think and plan India's scientific future. thank you.
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    Hamari Billi Humi Se Meow !

    Hijrat movement may jo hamaray logon ki border par G mari gaye thee wo hum bhool gaye thay warna border 1947 may seal hona chahiya tha
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    World Cup 2011 Kamran Akmal deliberately dropped catches on Shoaib Akhtar's bowling

    Wasim Akram's public image is not what he really is, not to mention his IV drug user now departed wi-e.
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    شعیب ملک کو ٹی20 سے بھی فارغ کر دینا چاہئے، محمد یوسف

    TAKE his citizenship. Yay banda hamay bilkul nahi chahiyay